Network Critical’s V‐Line (virtually in‐line) bypass tap solutions provide options for Cisco FirePOWER users who want seamless migration from IDS (passive, alert‐only mode) to IPS (active, in-line mode).

Network Critical’s V‐Line TAP provides a way of safely deploying and maintaining inline network tools without risk of downtime to the Live Network. The TAP provides extra layers of failsafe for any inline tool, by continually checking throughput and availability it can seamlessly switch the tool into or out of the network path; with the tool now virtually inline it can be freely reconfigured and rebooted without affecting the Live Network link.


The Network Critical Bypass TAP provides complete failsafe protection for an inline appliance in one simple step. Installed in place of the appliance, the TAP continually checks the appliance’s network status and while it is online directs network traffic through it. If the appliance goes offline the TAP automatically bypasses it and traffic is directed straight through to the network devices.

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