Headquarters Address
5607 South Washington Street
BARTONVILLE, Illinois 61607
United States
Primary Contact:
David Daxenbichler
Phone: 3096339118
Tier 1
PSIM Integration Software Development firm

The LightHouse™ Unified Security Management Platform unifies multiple heterogeneous security devices and systems into a single comprehensive overview. Sold as software or pre-installed on servers, LightHouse’s modular design simplifies integration with both existing and future security systems. Its highly scalable design supports unlimited  layout views and dashboards, for an unlimited number of users.

LightHouse is centrally managed from the System Manager server. System Manager securely controls user permissions, client connections, device/object linking and timed events. Devices may be associated with other devices to form device groups to streamline monitoring and control. User groups enable efficient administration of profiles, properties, rights, and privileges. Portals enable specific security functionality. Secured communications between System Manager and portals use FIPS 197 and FIPS 140-2 compliant encryption and authentication. Current portals include:

Access Control

  • Status and control of devices
  • Cardholder information
  • Multiple manufacturers in the same view
  • Display alarm instructions including image
  • Log user actions
  • Event history
  • Auto-populate
  • Common look and feel
  • Custom layouts
  • Secure communications
  • Permission-based controls
  • Advanced incident management
  • Unlimited schedules
  • Unlimited device scaling*


  • Unlimited video scaling*
  • Common user interface
  • User, event or schedule-triggered recording
  • Video platform alarms
  • Automatic map display
  • Presets & sequences
  • Display control & customization


  • Supports multiple manufacturers concurrently
  • Secure managed audio
  • Unlimited audio scaling*
  • Common user interface
  • Intercom control
  • Audio recording and play
  • Automatic map display
  • SIP and RTP support
  • Device status display
  • Support for legacy serial/analog systems

Mass Notification

  • Bridge devices, events and policies
  • Provide comm status to operators


  • Customize user and system actions
  • Action triggers based on device states, external actions and user intervention
  • Unlimited process scaling*
  • Real time workflow display, including current state
  • Workflow step printout
  • Logging and reporting

Software plug-ins that extend core management functions include:

  • Active Directory
  • Real-time Locating System
  • Timed and Linked Events
  • External Web-hosted Content
  • Basic Challenge Logon

Additional system options include:

  • Personnel record & identity management
  • Visitor management
  • GIS

*Subject to system hardware limitations