NEXA Applications
VITORIA, ES 29090820
Primary Contact:
Julio Divietro
Phone: +55 11 992301358
Tier 2
A NEXA eh uma empresa do setor de Informatica que atua em duas unidades de negocios distintas: Tecnologia e Outsourcing de TI. Em Tecnologia trabalhamos com a Cisco em diversos projetos complexos, envolvendo principalmente as tecnologias de Data Center, Networking e Unified Communications. Em Outsourcing somos responsáveis por administrar e gerenciar a TI de grandes e medias empresas do Brasil, fornecendo serviços de NOC, Service Desk e Field Services. A NEXA possui duas ISO's: a ISO 9.001 e ISO 20.000.

Nexa is a specialized company that incorporates solutions in technology, business and people. Focused on the customer satisfaction, Nexa brings the safety necessary for executives to seek improvements in their business.

Guided by the same dedication and based on the credibility achieved in the market, the company creates Nexa Applications, which is able to use the IoT technology for the benefit of its customers and users, adapting their use to different realities.

Companies in any industry with an interest to innovate the communication with your target audience, you will receive through the Content Aboard a technology generated by Cisco giant and the credibility of Nexa’s brand that will bring the safety of the installation and ongoing management of the platform used.

Content Aboard applied areas:

Public Transportation: companies can offer movies, series, music, books and any entertainment content to its passengers. In addition, the telemetry service, provides real-time all fleet data to the company to keep ahead in the decisions.

Education: In an educational institution, it is possible that the company interacts with its target audience, providing content to enrich their training, communications or messages of interest to strengthen the relationship among the academic community.

Healthcare: Health place may offer a differential to the regular users. In addition to providing internet, you can offer health-related content, welfare, training programs, motivational messages or disclosure of promotions, new products or services.