For call centres, reliable call recording is enormously important for the documentation of conversations as well as for quality enhancement. Onsoft therefore offers both standard and tailored recording solutions and ensures that the data are recorded and archived in a complete, encrypted, tamper-proof and legally admissible manner, which is also MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) compliant.


Using onsoft systems, access permissions can be set according to your company’s internal guidelines and the requirements of your business. By building in redundancy, onsoft is able to ensure the highest possible levels of system security. The user-friendly and clearly laid-out user interface allows rapid and secure operation. Finding a recorded conversation is a matter of just a few clicks. Onsoft solutions can be integrated into your Information and Communications Technology (ICT) environment as well as into existing applications and in well-known telecommunications systems such as Cisco. Scalable system architecture allows both centralized and distributed management of individual and multiple locations with thousands of recording channels. For example, the conversation and screen activity of an agent can be followed remotely and in real time (Live Listening & Live Monitoring). A sophisticated trigger system allows recordings to be made based on time period, agent, group, teleservice, channel and many other criteria, as required. By these means, our software generates records of communication and interaction quality for call centres and their clients. The comprehensive system of retention rules allows highly sensitive customer data to be encrypted, archived and stored confidentially, in accordance with legal requirements.  

Those of our customers who hail from the banking, finance and services sectors value fail-safe documentation, the rapid retrieval of conversations, tamper-proof encryption and long-term data storage. With onsoft Redundancy we offer an extremely high level of availability and performance, which can also be installed virtually. As our customer, you only get those modules which you really need. 

Main Features:

  • Voice recording (one-way / two-ways)      
  • Playback and export of recordings
  • Live listening 
  • Live monitoring
  • CDR recording, call detail records
  • Archive
  • Search engine, administration, phone book
  • Open system architecture, for integration of PBX interfaces, e.g.
  • Flexible data storage management
  • Standard databases

    (MSDE, Microsoft® SQL Server, MySQL)


Static and Dynamic Search Criteria:

Transferred numbers, call direction, teleservices, call numbers, date & time …


Recordings and Detailed List of Calls:

Date & time, call numbers, call duration, name of numbers…



  • Permanent recording of all voice activities
  • Date and time based
  • Each n-th call (n = preset value)
  • Calls longer/shorter than n minutes
  • All lines or selected lines only
  • Selected extensions
  • Outgoing/incoming calls


Rights and User profiles:

  • The user profile defines whether a user

    can view a function or not.

    This feature also specifies whether the user may change entries or not (new, change, delete).
  • Other functions, including playback, export as e-mail, as a file, as a fax or as a protocol and discreet listening, are set here as well.
  • The user settings define the user profile and number-dependent access to recordings.


Session protocol:

This LDC function is unique, since it documents each step taken by any

of the users. It allows the user(s) with

the highest level of authorization to see whether, when and what user made changes, exported data or performed other tasks

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