Deployment Model: On-premise
Technology: Networking and Data Center Switches
Publisher: PANDUIT CORP.

Integral cabinet air seal features and integration with passive hot and cold air containment components drive efficient utilization of cooling capacity and reduce cooling energy consumption. The Net-Access™ inset frame design effi ciently manages large quantities of cables and provides space for unmatched access reducing operational costs. This industry leading design also maximizes airfl ow and provides easy access to equipment for ongoing operational effi ciencies, providing exceptional value in a 800mm (31.5") wide enclosure.

Complementary Products and Solutions Include:

   •   Thermal Inlet Duct

   •   Net-Contain™ Vertical Exhaust Duct

   •   Net-Contain™ Cold Aisle Containment System

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Inset frame provides up to 10% more space for cable management and cooling airflow

Industry leading inset cabinet frame posts create a large area for airflow to provide proper heat dissipation and enable easy access to equipment, in-cabinet ducting and cabling, speeding deployments and reducing operational costs.

Dual hinged doors speed deployments and moves, adds, and changes by 30%

IT staff is scarce, downtime is expensive. For a 120 rack dynamic data center, our cabinets save you up to an hour a day, adding up to $18,250 per year savings for your staff.

Efficiently manage high cable densities

Modular snap in fingers align with rack spaces to simplify cable management, providing proper bend radius control and organizing cables for faster moves, adds and changes and installations. 

Open rail mounting creates more cable management space and equipment positioning flexibility

High strength frame eliminates need for support members between rails, providing unobstructed space between the frame and the side panels.

Innovative leveling feet design reduces cabinet installation time by 80%

Heavy duty, M14 thread top drive leveling feet are easily accessed and allow cabinets to be leveled in less time than typical leveling feet. For example, to install 100 cabinets, the competition requires 1-1/2 days compared to less than 2 hours with Panduit.

Vertical split side panels enable fast access to equipment

Innovative vertical split side panels and optional vertical split hinged side panels allow fast easy access to end of row network equipment and cabling, eliminating time consuming handling.

Bond cabinets to the MCBN with single connection, reducing installation time

Entire cabinet is fully electrically bonded, requiring no grounding whips to doors or side panels for protection of equipment and personnel.

Office Facilities US & Canada, Asia-Pacific, European Markets, Japan, Emerging markets
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