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PARSEC is a leading Telecom & Unified Communication solution provider based out of India. The enire product range from Parsec which comprises Contact Center Products as well as Unified Communication Products are CISCO compatible and tested for the same. Parsec products are deployed in a wide variety of verticals like Banks, Education, Telecom, Retail, Manufacturing, IT, BPO & Shipping etc. Todate there are more than 200 installation across APAC, ASEAN & Middle East for these in SMB and Enterprise segments.

MARS Digital Album is a easy to use content distribution application, which facilitates digital content sharing through CISCO IP Phones. Organizations can use this to push content from acentralized server onto individual IP Phones. Localized content can also be pushed to varioustargeted groups so as to create the desired impact.

Advantages of MARS Phone Lock along with Cisco Extension Mobility (EM):

To prevent misuse of a phone in his absence a user needs to logout his EM profile before leaving his desk and from then on all further incoming calls will be directly diverted to his voice mail. In such a case any person calling (might be customer/boss) might have the impression that the person is not in office. If Mars Lock is present then all the incoming calls will land on the phone and on not being answered the call will be diverted to the voice mail. On returning to his desk the employee has to check each of his voice mail to know the calls he has missed. If MARS Lock is present then the employee on returning to his desk can see the list of missed calls at the click of a button.

With MARS Lock if required the employee can ask his colleague to answer an important call which he is expecting when he is not in his desk which will not be possible by logging out his EM profile because the call will not land on the phone.

With Extension Mobility if the user forgets to logout his EM profile while leaving his desk then the phone is left open for unauthorized usage. With Parsec’s MARS Auto Lock application this is also solved as the application can be configured to lock the phone automatically after a certain idle period of the phone.

Mars Lock/Unlock application works for both EM & Non-EM users


PARSEC’s MARS Meet-Me Password application is an add-on to Cisco CUCM Meet Me Conference application.

MARS Meet-Me Password application adds the following capabilities

1.      Remotely start the MeetMe conference

2.      Authentication/Password//Securityfor MeetMe Conference

3.      Meeting Host Required/Not Required


Remotely start the MeetMe conference

The application enables a conference host or participant to start the Meet-Me conference remotely by dialing the application IVR number, i.e. the conference host or participant need not be physically present on his desk to start the conference using a Cisco IP Phone.

The Meet Me conference can be started from any PSTN number or from any Cisco IP Phone registered to the enterprise CUCM.


Authentication/Password for MeetMe Conference

For an MARS Meet-Me Password enabled Cisco Meet Me Conference, a user needs to authenticate himself before he can join the Meet Me conference.

To join a meeting, participants need to dial an application IVR number and enter the provided Meeting ID & Password on the IVR. The application authenticates the credentials entered by the participant and valid participants are passed on to join the conference for Cisco Meet Me Number registered against the entered Meeting ID.

Once the user is authenticated by the application, the call leg/control is passed on to the Cisco CUCM Meet-Me application.

The number of actual CUCM Meet-Me concurrent conferences and maximum number of participants in each conference depends on available Meet-Me resources. Please refer to Cisco CUCM guidelines for the same.

Meeting Host Required/Not Required

The application enables a conference with the feature whether the meeting host is required or not for the meeting.

If it is set as “Host Password Required” then the Meeting Host needs to first join the conference before the other participants can join the conference.


The meetings are configured in the application by the application administrator using a windows client based application.

The Cisco CUCM Meet-Me number is exposed only to the application administrator.

Participants are provided by the application administrator an application generated Meeting ID & password which is required to join the Meet-Me.

The application administrator can set the validity for a conference by setting the start & end dates of a conference.

Cisco Jabber is integrated into this Banking Kiosk application to enable the UC features of Voice Call, Video Call, One-click Webex and IM Chat.

Parsec's Home Healthcare solution uses Cisco Jabber to connect, over video, patients from their homes to doctors at clinics.

MARS Panic Button for Cisco IP Phones allows users to initiate a one click alarm to multiple users in multiple modes of communication using the Cisco IP Phone.

In times of emergencies the challenge is to have a system which enables a person to raise an alert in the most simplest of way so as that the concerned responsible persons of the organizations are alerted who in turn decides that appropriate method of alerting all the other employees of the organization without creating a chaos or stampede.

The application facilitates whereby emergencies such as fire, arson, sabotage or even a unusual sighting maybe notified quickly to the Head Security and his team  who in turn can issue partial or full alerts-all using the Cisco Call Manager system or any other mass alert system.

To initiate the alarm the use needs to simply click the line button of the phone (application service will be configured on the line button).

On click of the line button the application will perform the following actions

Å      Alarm text message will be sent to the IP phones configured in the application

Å      Alarm SMS will be sent out to the mobile phones configured in the application

Å      Alarm email will be sent to email IDs configured in the application

Contact centers are required to assure the quality of customer service their agents provide to callers.  To provide assurance of quality, the ability to monitor the agent-customer conversations is critical to call center business.   Parsec’s MARS Supervisory Tools application for Cisco Unified Communications Manager allows a supervisor to Monitor a conversation  ( eaves dropping / Manager Listen) between an agent and a customer without either party knowing that they are being monitored.   The application also allows supervisors to talk to agents in a Whisper/Coach mode ( Coaching ) during a monitoring session. The customer will not be able to hear the voice of the supervisor. This application DOES NOT REQUIRE Cisco UCCX.   Please checkout attached doc for details

Check attached documents (pdf files for complete details)

The MARS UCCX Campaign Manager application provides business users with an easy to use web based interface to manage the features and functions of the Campaigns configured in the Cisco UCCX. This includes, managing campaigns, adding contact lists, monitoring contact lists and deleting contact lists.


The application supports three levels of user access:

  1. Administrator : Read/Write access to all configuration items including user management, UCCX connection configuration, Campaigns and other operational parameters
  2. Campaign Manager : Read/Write access to every campaign in Campaign Management
  • Supervisor : Read only access to every campaign in Campaign Management


The application thus enables the call center administrator to assign the control of different campaigns to different Campaign Managers.


There is no need to give access of the Cisco UCCX admin interface to campaign managers which has much more complicated multiple configurations than just for day to day changes to be made for running of campaigns.

MARS VOIP Notification/Alerts helps an organization to create, distribute and manage enterprise wide notification to all employees in the enterprise in a systematic and efficient manner.

The application allows alerts to be broadcasted to Cisco IP phones by the application administrator.

Alerts could be created or pre-defined by the administrator and broadcasted using a web based interface.


The types of alerts that can be sent are as below

  1. Prerecorded voice alert
  2. Text alert
  • A combination of prerecorded voice & text alert
  1. Live voice alert


Few use cases where the application can be used:

  • Send Voice & Text Alert in case of a Fire situation
  • Send Voice & Text Alert in case of a Terrorist attack situation
  • Send text notification/Alert during enterprise Email Server down
  • Send text notification/Alert for prescheduled network maintenance plan
  • Send Text Alerts ( Greetings ) on festivals/new Year
  • Send Birthday Greetings( Text + Music-Birthday) to select employees
  • CEO of the company can send Live Voice (Speech) to all employees from his cabin.

The live speech can reach to all employees in multiple locations

The employees need not leave their desks, saving time and effort of employees leaving their desk and going to the auditorium /conference room

MARS Phone Background Image application is used to set the screen background image of Cisco IP Phone.

Application administrator can set the image of multiple phones in a single action.

Parsec’s MARS CUCM Wall Board integrates with Cisco CUCM.

The application does not require a contact center UCCX or UCCE.

If calls are queued at CUCM’s Hunt Pilot/Hunt List and routed to agent/s based on configured routing logic then MARS CUCM Wallboard displays the Hunt Pilot/Hunt List statistics and Agent Phone status (Idle/Busy)

MARS CUCM Wall Board monitors the enterprise PRI line/s also and provide online status provided the gateway is configured as MGCP.

MARS Directory & Caller Details application for Cisco IP Phones enables enterprise users to store and view phone numbers of external contacts and also view enterprise contacts location wise. Thus it enhances the power and search capability of the standard Directory Search mechanism in CISCO Call Manager.

When an incoming call lands on the cisco IP phone if the CLI of the incoming call is present in the application directory database then the caller details will be displayed in the Cisco IP Phone screen.

Offline reports for Cisco UCCX

Cisco CUIC is not required for the application reports

Please check the file MARS UCCX Web Reports.pdf in resources for complete list of reports

MARS UCCX Wallboard displays real time info of Cisco UCCX in contact centers.

Monitor your contact center functions and performance in real-time.

User defined screen layout

If configured thresholds are reached, alarms are raised by changing the colors in the screen as configured

If primary UCCX server goes down then application connects automatically to secondary UCCX server

Create groups based on the Queues

Supervisor can view wallboards based on the group selected

Set wallboard backgrounds of your choice

Auto display/rotate the wallboard screens one-after-other at a configured time interval

SFDC Integration

Insert data into SFDC ( Salesforce) based on data entered by caller in Cisco CVP IVR / UCCX IP IVR

Incomming Caller Details popup in SFDC Screen

Display incomming caller data from SFDC in Cisco Agent Finesse Screen

Initiate outbound call ( Click 2 Dial) from SFDC Screen

Call Warapup for inbound/outbound calls in SFDC Screen - SFDC Activity

Call Warapup for inbound/outbound calls in SFDC Screen - SFDC Case