Advantages of MARS Phone Lock along with Cisco Extension Mobility (EM):

To prevent misuse of a phone in his absence a user needs to logout his EM profile before leaving his desk and from then on all further incoming calls will be directly diverted to his voice mail. In such a case any person calling (might be customer/boss) might have the impression that the person is not in office. If Mars Lock is present then all the incoming calls will land on the phone and on not being answered the call will be diverted to the voice mail. On returning to his desk the employee has to check each of his voice mail to know the calls he has missed. If MARS Lock is present then the employee on returning to his desk can see the list of missed calls at the click of a button.

With MARS Lock if required the employee can ask his colleague to answer an important call which he is expecting when he is not in his desk which will not be possible by logging out his EM profile because the call will not land on the phone.

With Extension Mobility if the user forgets to logout his EM profile while leaving his desk then the phone is left open for unauthorized usage. With Parsec’s MARS Auto Lock application this is also solved as the application can be configured to lock the phone automatically after a certain idle period of the phone.

Mars Lock/Unlock application works for both EM & Non-EM users


MARS Phone Lock allows the users to lock the phone when moving away from the desk. In a locked state it allows only incoming calls and selected outgoing calls like emergency numbers and internal extension calls. The user can select the Unlock option in the menu to unlock the Phone and the usual privileges is restored to the phones like outbound PSTN calls etc. Before unlocking the phone the user is prompted to enter his unique password.

The application can be configured to lock/unlock the phones at scheduled time of day

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