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Phil Raymond
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Semiconductors Engineering

Data sheet facts

  • VSi - Basic vital sign monitoring in a portable and reliable package
  • VS2+  All the configuration choices that are available in standard spot check monitors today, providing the freedom care givers need to spend more time with their patients
  • VS4 - Advanced features designed to make taking vital signs easy in both stand alone and networked care settings.


IntelliSpace Event Management — Getting the Right Information to the Right Person at the Right Time

Philips IntelliSpace Event Management (formerly Emergin) is a secondary alarm notification system.  It provides a sustainable approach for managing alerts and notifications to address alarm fatigue, hospital throughput, and workflow improvements. 

IntelliSpace Event Management acquires alarms from multiple input sources and delivers alerts to the care teams’ mobile devices of choice.  All alarm and alert data is tracked.  Hospitals may use this detailed analysis for reporting, optimization of alarm fatigue strategies and improvement of staff workflow models.