Deployment Model: On-premise
Technology: Collaboration and Cisco Unified Communications - Enterprise
Publisher: Quinsys

The present market conditions imposes on every business and industry severe competitive pressures thus requiring serious cost control on all spending, Telecom spending is a major expense item that, if unmanaged can become a significant budget item. Quintel provides the perfect means to control and manage telecom costs by extension, by department and by branch. Easy set up and administration allows for authorization of facilities to specific extensions as a well as monitoring the exact usage of each extension.

- QuinTel is the most advanced, flexible, powerful and cutting edge solution for call accounting, billing and calls traffic analyzing.

- QuinTel is an ideal solution for small and medium business and industry enterprises, scalable to accommodate huge numbers of extensions in multi locations environment.

- QuinTel serves the hospitality business need either through standalone operation or through connector with market standard PMS.

- QuinTel integrates with any application that runs in the company.

- QuinTel integrates users with Microsoft Active Directory.

- The application collects information for all call-related activities from Cisco UCM for reporting purposes.

- QuinTel is Compatible with Cisco CM ver 4.x through ver 9.x as well CME versions.


QuinTel Billing & Call Accounting:

Bilingual Arabic/English Interface/Data/Reports


General Features:

Setup / Cost calculation

- Definition: Fully parameterized for site customized parameters

- Sync: With MS Active directory / CUCM

- Accuracy: Cost calculation based on all tariff parameters like timing, destination, carrier, sales tax … etc.

- Multi price list categories: Price list per users’ category such as Guest / Admin / Shops with discount option.



- Branches: Supporting multiple branches, multiple CDR sources from PABX/telephony server.

- Extensions grouping: Represents departments or user type.

-Quota: Could be assigned per user / group based on cost / time limit



- Reports generation based on all CDR Fields as selection criteria with two sort keys.

- Save report selection criteria as report template for repetitive use.

- Scheduling for above saved templates for auto run at selected date & time.

- Report production as hard copy, PDF, XLS or E-mail attachment.

- Graphical reports presentation.


Extra Features

- Phone Call control

- Monitoring reports (Missed calls, busy calls, rejected calls…etc.)


Detailed Features

- Call charges are posted directly into the guest folio.

- Private Numbers.

- Volume discounts for guests with a high call usage requirement.

- Supporting multiple charging schemes according to the time of day.

- Supporting different kind of call report formats: web (HTML), CSV, Excel, Word and PDF. The easiest one is the web report, where you can live-query the database with calls.

- On-line call statistics.

- Multi-site reporting “Performance Reports" Statistical Graphing.

- Comprehensive reports: 1-Network 2-Comparison 3-Cost Comparison

- Staff performance reports like operator response times.

- Option to back-up raw data.

- Option to back-up processed CDR data.

- Alert if there is no data for a certain period of time (parametric).

- Supporting multi-tenant environments run a single Cisco Call Manager™ cluster with several IP-Telephony partitions.

- Multiple Cisco Call Manager™ clusters are also supported.

- Special rates for frequently dialed numbers.

- Fixed service charges to Free-Phone or Local numbers.

- Operates as an NT system service that offers Automatic System Restart following power failure.

- Unlimited number of levels for departmental hierarchies.

- Conference call billing.

- Masking the last digits of the dialed number by default to enhance privacy. This feature may be disabled if permitted by local privacy laws.

Office Facilities US & Canada, European Markets, Emerging markets
Support Model Direct through third party or partner, Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline 0106 664 5995
TAC Support Alias


Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
4.11.19 None N/A