The RDL-3000 offers a high capacity and very low latency, Point to Multipoint (PMP) wireless solution delivering improved performance for mission critical networks. 

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The same RDL-3000 radio unit can be software configured to function as a sector base station or as a remote terminal in a multipoint system depending on the requirements for the network. The RDL-3000 incorporates 2 X 2 multiple-input, multiple-output (MIMO) along with enhanced radio technology to deliver industry-leading throughput and range along with Redline’s leading low latency making it ideal for any high-capacity PMP backhaul application. 

The RDL-3000 Point-Multipoint backhaul  solution can be installed fast and is more economical than traditional licensed point-to-point backhaul options. Connect core routers to edge platforms with high performance via a transparent, standards-based, backhaul solution. Industry’s longest range means more coverage area for the network with a fewer number of base station towers.       This allows the customer to focus budget and related CAPEX on key network components (i.e. switches, routers, WiFi APs, etc.) rather than towers and related civil and regulatory areas.  Wire-Speed packet processing means performance is stable and reliable regardless of application or protocol. Industry’s lowest latency supports time sensitive applications such as voice and video along with other applications that require low latency and jitter.  The RDL-3000 provides a single PMP backhaul solution that is flexible enough for a number of Cisco application.  Highest standards of military security with FIPS 140-2, AES-256, AES-128, and X.509 authentication. Rugged IP67 construction supports extremes in humidity, temperatures, and vibration and the system has an industry leading 29-year MTBF to improve the overall product life cycle.

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v2.10 PMP Solution Verification (Solution Enablers)
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