Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI)
Headquarters Address
40 King St. W., Suite 300
Oshawa, Ontario L1H 1A4
Primary Contact:
Steve Cummings
Phone: (905) 576-4575
Tier 2

Resource Software International Ltd. (RSI) is internationally recognized as a leading provider of a complete line of total unified communications management solutions (TUCMS) for every enteprise. Founded in 1990, RSI believes in leveraging leading edge technologies to provide concrete tools for information managers. We believe communication is the key to a world that demands instantaneous results. We develop, manufacture and distribute communication management applications for: call accounting, real time dashboard, computer telephony integration, screen pops, desktop productivity, toll fraud, alert notification, wake up calls, hotel and motel billing, instant messaging, carrier comparisons, rebilling, facilities management, equipment billing. We also provide a number of outsourcing and managed services including invoice analysis, rebilling and call accounting.

Shadow CMS Enterprise Call Accounting is a fully-scalable unified communication management solution allowing administrators to forecast, monitor and allocate communications management expenses. The system has built-in capability for corporate cost allocation, customer account code billing, caller identification, traffic analysis, productivity analysis, carrier comparisons, Voice over IP usage, misuse and abuse. This product is completely scalable from 2 extensions to 10000 and can be deployed in virtually any environment. Shadow CMS is also available for various industry sectors with specific custom needs including hospitality, healthcare and general business. Communication facilities are the lifeline of most successful businesses and often the most taxing expenditures. Management of telephone charges, equipment fees, VoIP traffic and provider discounts is a difficult task. Shadow CMS provides the necessary tools to allow administrators to forecast, monitor and allocate communications management expenses. These benefits include billing integration, network traffic management, productivity enhancement, carrier comparisons and customer billing.


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