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Voice recording and analytics, quality management managem

ReDat® VoIP Recorder covers standard, proprietary and advanced technology. It also provides support for recording PC screens.ReDat® VoIP Recorder requires no specialized hardware - recording is proceeded by using standard Ethernet interface. Recording is running automatically or after confirmation due to the settings. Control and work with data, sorting and searching are performed by standard operating tools. It is a scalable product which covers requirements for economic solution as well as large VoIP systems depending on customer requests. A modular design allows you to incorporate the product under ReDat ® Application Server and build a large distributed recording system using communication via LAN or WAN.

The new ReDat® eXperience includes a complete set of tools for telephony recording control and quality management in contact centres, including speech analysis and PC screens´ recording and many more. Next, it offers other new utilities for classification of users and recording sources. We have also improved the control tools for users to access basic system functions more convenienly.

Thanks to the modular design you can combine various ReDat modules according to your company needs. However, we will not burden you with functions, which you never utilize.To accommodate specific requirements customer can choose from the series of descrete modules including various logger units, modules for long-term archiving, quality management, voice analysis, recording verification and encryption and many others. 

In Cisco environment both variants of call recording are supported: passive (based on mirroring of VoIP data) and active ("Cisco Call Recording" - based on retransmission of an RTP stream to a recorder over a SIP trunk). Both methods have their pros and cons - fortunately both can be combined within one ReDat recording system. Recordings can be completed with additional data obtained from a CTI link to CUCM or CUCC (both Express and Enterprise variant is supported). To access or control call recording directly from your IP phone an optional module is available as a configurable Cisco IP Phone Service.