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Voice recording and analytics, quality management managem

RETIA, a.s., presents a professional, software-only Voice-over-IP recording solution specially designed to increase customers comfort of VoIP recording.

ReDat® VoIP Recorder is a high-tech and HW independent solution that enables user-friendly and cost-effective recording. Among useful functionalities are the user’s environment of web browser, SQL database, central archiving of records, CTI integration, an agents´ evaluation including an open integration interface for possible integration into CRM and other software.

ReDat® VoIP RecorderReDat® VoIP Recorder represents a software solution dedicated to create a recording system on windows based PC for recording IP telephony communication and PC screens. LAN Ethernet interface can be connected to SPAN port of a switch, HUB or port of IP telephone. Supported VoIP technologies include standard protocols H.323 and SIP as well as wide spread private VoIP technologies of Cisco.

Retia introduces a new product for recording of telephone calls, their management and analysis with a totally new design - ReDat® eXperience. As a successor of ReDat® Application Server it offers a clearer and more intuitive user interface and control tools to manage contact centres' quality and efficiency. We have kept all handy and useful features of a previous product which were valued by our customers, and the rest of them were adapted to be in compliance with companies' needs. Some new fuctionalities were added as well. The solution can consist of SW or HW recording unit so combined recording of VoIP, analogue or digital telephony and PC screens can be achieved with one integrated solution. Besides Cisco all major telephony and call center technologies are also supported.