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The Revolabs HD Single/Dual Channel wireless system consists of a base station and an HD wireless microphone charger base, and is available in single and dual channel models allowing for support of either one or two HD wireless wicrophones in High Definition mode.

The HD Single/Dual Channel wireless system can be mixed and matched with a variety of HD wireless microphones. Offered separately, the microphones are sleek in design and come in several styles: wearable, tabletop directional, tabletop omni- directional, XLR adapter for handheld microphones, and adapters for Countryman™ microphones. Revolabs microphones and adapters are extremely easy-to-use. Just remove the microphone from the charger base, un-mute and talk.

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The HD Single/Dual Channel system utilizes Revolabs "Designed For Speech" technology. This technology provides wideband frequency improving the intelligibility and presence of speech, allowing the system to pick up the entire human voice spectrum. The technology consists of proprietary audio processing algorithms resulting in the accurate reproduction of human speech.  As with the other HD systems, the Single/Dual Channel provides bi-directional audio, which allows audio to be sent back to the microphone so that you can listen using a headset.

The HD Single/Dual Channel wireless microphone system is managed through a series of dip switches allowing you to control the different audio options. The switches also allow you to select the level of the outputs, line level, or microphone level. In the Dual Channel system you can select whether the microphone channels are mixed in the base unit to provide a mixed output, or whether the two channels are handled independent of each other, providing two separate outputs and inputs for the two channels.

Additional benefits include a rechargeable battery providing up to eight hours of talk time on a full charge. It takes approximately two hours to fully charge a battery. Best of all, the system is wireless. Enterprise users can move about their conference room and still be heard!

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2.6.11 Integrated Codec Solutions
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