Robin Systems
SAN JOSE, CA 95110
United States
Primary Contact:
Razi Sharir
Phone: 408-409-5456
Tier 1
Robin's Containerized Enterprise Platform software enables an application-centric IT paradigm by making servers, VMs, and storage boundaries invisible. Robin's container-based, application-aware, compute and storage platform simplifies application lifecycle, delivers guaranteed app-to-spindle QoS, and enables seamless application mobility across machines and clouds. Only Robin brings the containerization benefits to all enterprise applications, including databases and Big data clusters, to enable bare metal server consolidation, eliminate data duplication, and reduce storage costs.
Robin is the next-generation virtualized infrastructure platform that runs applications with bare-metal performance, guaranteed QoS, and application-aware infrastructure management. Robin pools your existing commodity hardware into a scalable, elastic, fluid pool of compute and storage resources that can be dynamically allocated to applications based on business needs or QoS requirements.

Robin enables you to:
  • Virtualize Databases and Big Data without the Hypervisor Overhead
  • Consolidate workload with guaranteed QoS
  • Simplify Application Lifecycle management