In today’s competitive world, the customer experience is more important than ever.

Valuable and structured information enables organizations to make immediate decisions to optimize their performance and keep up with today’s demanding customer needs.MISTER CA Call Recording and Speech Analytics help organizations to achieve the following business benefits:

  • Increase quality of service
  • Include call recordings in Key Performance Indicators  (KPIs)
  • Monitor and improve employee performance
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Avoid disputes and limit liability
  • Stay compliant with industry regulations
  • Increase business security and avoid abuse
  • Reduce personal calls
  • Improve agent training and performance
  • Get insights through analyzing call data
  • Establish metrics to recognize the quality of service
  • View improvements over time
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Call Recording (all types of audio and video calls):

Mister Call Recording makes VoIP-based call recording simple and cost-effective. It records all types of calls including audio, video calls and conferences. It records calls at any location including remote offices and home based sites. There are options to record all or selective calls, random or scheduled recordings, portions of a call, monitor live calls and on-the-spot recordings. Moreover, there are options for end-to-end media encryption and data security, provide advanced access control tools, and   fully comply with Payment Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Manage and Export Recordings to various means and storages:

Mister Call Recording stores thousands of recordings for a period depending the storage size. Through its web interface authorized personnel may playback recordings, apply filters (ex. incoming/outgoing), define actions based on alerts and thresholds, export individual and group recordings to common formats, and manage the overall system.

Evaluation forms per agent & employee:

There is available a library of evaluation forms to compliment the Call Recording process. Employees can use them to record essential client information while auditors and supervisors to monitor, evaluate and train employees for improvement and best customers’ experience.

Real-time analytics:

Mister Call Recording combined with Mister Speech Analysis can provide real-time analytics. There are automated functions to identify calls that match qualitative criteria such calls with silent portions, talk-over or being longer that usual, and alert supervisors for monitor, intervention and further actions.

Speed Analysis:

  • Search calls for specific spoken words by either calling party. It is based on highly-accurate, large-vocabulary recognition system with improved accuracy even for noisy and reverberant environments.
  • Identify calls that contain segments of X seconds of silence.
  • Identify calls that contain segments of X seconds of talk over
Office Facilities US & Canada, European Markets
Support Model Direct through third party or partner, Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline +30 2241061031
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Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
V1.5 Contact Center Applications - Desktop, Reporting, and Recording
  • MediaSense - 10.0
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