SATMAP Incorporated
1700 Pennsylvania Avenue Suite 560 NW
Washington, DC 20006
United States
Primary Contact:
Omer Khan
Phone: +1 412 706 5792
Tier 2
SATMAP was founded in 2007 with the primary objective of developing a transformative technology to improve contact center performance. The benefits of having more empathetic interactions and better rapport in contact centers have always been acknowledged. However, realizing these benefits is challenging because of the complexity inherent in mapping personality traits against sales and operational outcomes. SATMAP engineered its proprietary technology during two years of research and development with a team of 200

SATMAP is the world's only personality matching technology for contact centers. Leading global companies use SATMAP to optimize hundreds of thousands of interactions every day. Our customers frequently cite SATMAP as the technology with the single highest return on investment in their enterprise.


SATMAP technology is offered as a service to its clients via hosted environment.