ServicePilot ISM helps your enterprise better monitor and analyze IT services. It provides availability and performance monitoring, end user experience analysis, as well as security and event management.

To solve the complex IT challenges faced by our customers, ServicePilot ISM supports the entire Cisco VoIP and network environments out-of-the-box and includes:

  • Cluster and PBX Availability and Performance

    Cisco Call Managers (CCM) or Unified Communications Managers (CUCM) are at the heart of your VoIP infrastructure. Easily monitor the overall health of your clusters and drill down into the details and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of each server, for faster troubleshooting.

  • UC Infrastructure Monitoring

    Measure the real-time status, key metrics and historical performance of all voice gateways, trunk groups, Session Border Controllers (SBCs), Unity or presence servers in your VoIP environment – across geographic locations and over corporate and public networks.

  • Detailed VoIP Quality Monitoring

    Keep track of real time, key call quality metrics, including: MOS, jitter, latency and packet loss. Highlight end-user experience with the analysis of in-depth call logs and filter calls based on extension, zone, call quality, activity, IP address and time/date. 

  • Conference and Video Call Monitoring

    Ensure the proper utilization of TelePresence and Tandberg call resources to guarantee good call quality for video calls and teleconferences, and as a result optimize load and connectivity issues.

  • Network-Aware VoIP Monitoring

    The root cause of voice quality degradation can often be found outside of your voice system. Drill down into the root cause of issues and proactively prevent recurring incidents by correlating voice quality degradation with network performance.

  • Routers and Switch Monitoring

    ServicePilot ISM natively supports SNMP, Netflow, Cisco IOS IP SLA or CBQoS to improve core network device monitoring, enhance LAN and WAN use, and speed up the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) of networking issues.

  • Virtualization and Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) Monitoring

    Get end-to-end visibility into the availability and performance of your UCS components (virtual and physical interface cards, fabric interconnects, switches, virtual machines, UCS blade servers and chassis) through a single pane of glass.
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  • Custom Dashboards

    Create tailored dashboards to get the information you need using a simple drag and drop interface. Combine charts, tables or maps to transform raw statistics into actionable information for your IT department.

  • Enterprise-Class Reporting

    Creating on-demand or scheduled reports using ServicePilot gives you both a global and detailed understanding of your IT component and service availability, performance, service levels and capacity trends.

  • Intelligent Alerting

    The longer it takes to diagnose and resolve a problem after initial detection, the more your business suffers. Find and fix issues before users complain via proactive alerting and customizable thresholds.

  • Mobile GUI

    ServicePilot ISM is accessible on the go, thanks to its mobile GUI that supports a wide range of tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry).

  • Capacity and SLA Management

    ServicePilot helps you predict the limits of your network before critical thresholds are exceeded and ensure availability and performance compliance with corporate service level agreements.

  • Mass Provisioning and Automatic Discovery

    Dreaming of an always up-to-date IT monitoring solution? ServicePilot makes it possible for you to manually or automatically add and delete devices or resources in your environment.

  • Single and Scalable Server Deployment, and much more...
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