Singlewire Software, LLC.
2601 West Beltline Hwy Ste 510
Madison, WI 53713
United States
Primary Contact:
Brad Parkel
Phone: 608-661-1154
Tier 2
Singlewire Software is based in Madison, WI, and develops and supports innovative voice applications centered around secure, fast, and reliable mass notification capabilities. Singlewire develops InformaCast Advanced Notification software for emergency notification and overhead paging. Singlewire’s main software offering is InformaCast, a network-centric notification software for overhead paging, mass notification, and emergency communications. InformaCast enables organizations to send text and/or audio broadcasts to a wide variety of endpoint devices including overhead paging/public address systems (both analog and ip-based systems), computer desktops, Cisco IP phones, digital media displays, email, social media sites including Twitter and Facebook, and more. InformaCast can been used for reaching facilities-based endpoints as listed above, or reaching endpoints outside of an organization, like landline phones and cell phones with notification. Singlewire serves over 4,500 commercial, education (K-12 and Higher Education), government, and healthcare customers in over 50 countries worldwide.

InformaCast is a mass notification system that sends audio, text and images to mobile and on-premises devices. It increases the speed, reach, and success rate of emergency notification communications to get critical information to the people that need it.