Snell Ltd
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Hartman House, Danehill, Lower Earley
Reading, Reading RG6 4PB
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Jeremy Courtney
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Snell is a world leader in broadcast technology, providing the media and broadcast industry with a comprehensive range of software and hardware solutions for the creation, management and distribution of content to today?s multi-screen world of tablets, televisions, mobiles and PCs. With over 30 years experience at the forefront of broadcast engineering, and over 100 awards for technical innovation, Snell is recognized as a leader within the market, supporting the industry and our customers through significant technical transformations, such as analog to digital, SD to HD to 1080p and support for 3D production. We classify our offerings within two distinct areas of the market - areas we refer to as Live Television and TV Everywhere: TV Everywhere is about media management and playout automation. Improving workflow efficiencies and delivering media for consumption across multiple devices and platforms. As media management, broadcasting and consumption becomes more IT centric, so does the technology required to achieve it. Files instead of tapes, the internet instead of a transmitter, a tablet or mobile phone instead of a TV. Live Televison is about handling real-time media ? production and delivery of live events and the infrastructure required to achieve it. From signal acquisition and conditioning through to delivery and monitoring, including the repurposing of content for different international markets.
Using unique award-winning image processing technology, Alchemist OD is a scalable software product which offers unrivalled low cost motion compensated frame rate conversion ?On Demand?.  Engineered with content owners, post production facilities and playout service providers in mind, it combines Snell?s acclaimed image processing expertise with commodity IT equipment, saving time and money whilst safeguarding quality.  It?s simplicity of integration, Service Orientated Architecture and floating license model provides the versatility to evolve and adapt with changing business requirements, offering seamless global program exchange and multi-device content delivery.  Deploy on your chosen commodity IT platform and use the power of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) to repurpose your assets with confidence.   Flexibility: Our solution supports the concept of a ?floating? license model. Licenses can be activated against a nominated network license server rather than the hardware responsible for image processing. The primary benefit of this model is many nodes can access a central pool of licenses for ?on demand? usage. Because licenses are not tied to specific nodes, you have the flexibility to use a variety of hardware systems and are free to update this hardware without the need to revoke licenses. Our licenses are securely locked to the nominated license server hardware removing the need for hardware dongles which are prone to being lost and damaged during everyday use.   Scalability: The Snell On Demand software framework benefits from a Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) which has been engineered to support a range of deployments from a single node through to a cluster of nodes within a data center. This SOA design philosophy aids your ability to evolve your installation and allow it to grow as your needs change. Whether you want a centralized job queue managing many processing nodes or singular job queues managing individual nodes, our framework can accommodate your requirements. The more nodes available the increased ability you have to enable parallel processing of a number of media assets. All services within the framework can be deployed on Windows and Linux operating systems, or a mixture of the two. Further details are available here: