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Milos Zekovic
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Soneco is a company for software development.

Globalization expanded business and contacts overseas and, in turn, more and more users are in need of quality video and audio streaming for services like VoIP, video conferencing and video streaming in general.  

For the purpose of gaining insight in this particular traffic - media traffic, Cisco has developed MediaNet technology.

ICmyNet.Media is web based network monitoring tool that allows you to quickly gain insight in your network media flows, using MediaNet Performance Monitoring (PM):

- collect, save and analyze your media flow data

- visualize your media traffic along the network path

- locate and troubleshoot problems in your network to enhance media traffic

- expand NBAR based application recognition with your own media application definitions

- filter out everything but the media flows you are really interested in

- configure media alarms based on jitter, packet loss, packets dropped and rate loss

NetVizura NetFlow Analyzer is web based application for deep network traffic investigation, analysis and reporting. It is based on NetFlow statistics, exported from your routers and switches to NetFlow server.


  • visualize traffic distribution by hosts, services, subnets and more
  • stay alert and detect traffic anomalies as soon as they happen
  • save your time and energy with troubleshooting and diagnostics
  • optiomize your network and application with ease
  • improve security by recognizing and understanding attacks