The RC4-PSA™ is comprised of a camera module, head-end/codec module, power supply and all codec and camera connectivity cables supporting the Cisco PHD 12X camera and SX20 codec.  The camera is powered over the CAT5e or CAT6 UTP cable from the head-end module, negating the need to accommodate 120V at the camera location.  The camera module integrates elegantly with our RCM-PH1 camera wall mount for a clean installation.  The RCR-PH1 recessed camera mount supports ADA compliance of the PHD 12X camera when deployed at a height of 80" or less. The head-end module integrates with our RC-RK2 rack shelf for a cable managed deployment in the rack. 

The RC4-PSA is an industry exclusive.

  • Rc4-he_back_rc4-ce_opt

Power, Control (RS232 & IR) and HDMI Video over one CAT5e or CAT6 cable up to 300'.

Kit Includes:

  • RC4-CE Camera Extender Module
  • RC4-HE Head-End/Codec Extender Module
  • Camera Cables
  • Codec "Unity" Cable
  • WPS-12 Power Supply.


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