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Spectralink 84-Series Wireless Telephones

Transforming Workflows with Mobile Unified Communications

Increasing worker productivity and organizational cost savings, the Spectralink 84-Series Wi-Fi phones connect on-site professionals with customers, colleagues, and all the applications they need to perform their best. Designed with the requirements of mobile workers in the healthcare, retail, hospitality, and manufacturing industries in mind, the Spectralink 84-Series handsets unite the most critical elements of workplace communications within a single mobile device that is highly reliable, extra durable, and easy to use.




All Spectralink Wireless Telephones operate on a converged voice and data Wi-Fi infrastructure and significantly improve employee mobility, responsiveness and productivity

The Spectralink 80-Series wireless telephones extend the Spectralink tradition of offering the highest performing handsets for the enterprise. These stylish handsets combine an easy-to-use, lightweight design with enhanced durability for workers who are constantly on the move.


Using advanced technologies including 802.11a/b/g (Wi-Fi) network support, extended battery life and a high-resolution display, the Spectralink 8020 and 8030 Wireless Telephones take Wi-Fi telephony to a high level.

Third-party enterprise-grade access points provide unlimited coverage throughout the facility.  These access points must be certified though the Spectralink Voice Interoperability for Enterprise Wireless (VIEW) program.


A Spectralink Voice Priority (SVP) Server may be used to manage prioritization of voice packets and provide the required Quality of Service (QoS) on the wireless network or the customer may choose to run other supported QoS options, such as Wi-Fi standard QoS or Cisco CCXv4, instead of SVP.


Open programming interfaces allow real-time, two way communication between wireless handsets and third-party applications.


The Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400/6500 solution consists of a number of different infrastructure elements which can be assembled to exactly match the wireless needs today and in the future. The Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400/6500 supports up to 4096 mobile employees – depending on how you assemble it. With the flexible license option, you only pay for the features and users you need. The scalability ensures that the Spectralink IP-DECT Server 400/6500 solution can develop with your business to fit your exact needs, making it a future-proof solution for all business sizes.



It is a flexible add-on solution that can be assembled to match exact business needs. You get all the benefits of an enterprise solution, but it can be tailored to meet the needs of smaller businesses with room grow easily and inexpensively.

You can deploy the solution as either analog, SIP VoIP, or a combination of analog and SIP VoIP telephony. If you want to migrate to a full SIP VoIP solution, simply change an interface card. The Spectralink DECT Server 2500/8000 solution supports up to 4095 wireless users and 1024 simultaneous calls. The server runs on an open interface and supports third-party applications, which allows the solution to be customized to your exact needs.

With the possibility of a combined analog and VoIP interface, the Spectralink DECT Server 2500/8000 solution provides seamless migration that can be carried out completely or stepwise in accordance with changes in business needs.


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