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Cisco UCS Director 5.3.0 automation for StorMagic SvSAN 5.3/UCS Mini Solution summary

Improve consistency, efficiency, speed and agility within ROBO environments

Organizations with remote sites typically have limited IT resource to dedicate to the delivery and management of their remote IT infrastructure. With hundreds or thousands of remote sites, this could mean that frequent, manual, time-consuming or complex tasks can take up considerable resources, reducing the ability to pursue new IT projects or divert resources when urgent issues arise.

Cisco UCS® Director 5.3.0 provides visual, easy-to-use automation for heterogeneous environments, providing a unified view of the entire infrastructure resources. It works by abstracting hardware and software into programmable tasks, spanning hypervisor, compute, network, and storage infrastructure components. Tasks are used to create workflows that can automate common tasks through to entire infrastructure deployments.

Designed to work seamlessly with best-in-class Cisco UCS servers, Cisco UCS Director 5.3.0 can help users of the Cisco UCS Mini Hardware using UCS Manager 3.0 and StorMagic SvSAN 5.3 solution achieve more within a VMware ESXi 5.5 environment. Cisco and StorMagic’s enterprise-class software-defined storage solution delivers highly available shared storage for critical applications on site, while addressing the familiar challenges of better performance and application availability.

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Get the most out of your IT resource

The StorMagic Module for Cisco UCS Director 5.3.0 enables users of the SvSAN 5.3/UCS Mini ROBO solution to incorporate tasks and workflows for StorMagic SvSAN 5.3 including:

  • Installing SvSAN on to 1 or more blade servers.
  • Deleting SvSAN from 1 or more blade servers.
  • Restoring SvSAN to a replacement blade server.
  • Creating a spanned mirrored datastore across 2 or more blade servers.
  • Extending a spanned mirrored datastore.
  • Deleting a datastore.
  • Migrating datastores to other blade servers.

Solution Benefits

Automating tasks using Cisco UCS Director 5.3.0 with the StorMagic and Cisco UCS Mini solution helps IT organizations:

  • Radically streamline infrastructure provisioning and management from weeks to minutes.
  • Pool physical, virtual, and multi-vendor management from a single pane to accommodate heterogeneous data centers.
  • Increase IT agility, which allows IT to have a greater impact on the effectiveness of the business.

Ready to discover how Cisco UCS Director 5.3.0 can help you get the most out of your Cisco and StorMagic ROBO Solution deployments? Read our solution data sheet for Cisco UCS automation for StorMagic SvSAN and UCS Mini.

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