Tri-Line Network Telephony Ltd
Headquarters Address
9-10 Telfords Yard The Highway
London, London, City of E1W 2BS
United Kingdom
Primary Contact:
Kay Tobin
Phone: +44 (0)20 7265 2600
Tier 2
TIM Plus and TIM Enterprise call logging and call accounting sofware fully integrates with Cisco UCM API's incl. AXL, FTP, Radius and Syslog for automatic configuration and updates! Get a free trial for your own Cisco VOIP at Clickable reports, interactive graphs, unlimited customisable display boards all incl. as standard. View product info and videos at
Advanced call logging and call accounting solution for larger Cisco deployments. Integration with Cisco APIs, including CDR, AXL, FTP (on UCM), RADIUS (UCME) and SysLog means deployment and administration is simple! e.g. a 5,000 user license could be downloaded and configured with all users picked up using the directory sync object in less than 5 minutes. Free trials available.
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TIM Plus is the ideal call logging and analytics solution for Cisco UCM and UCME clients with up to 400 users. TIM Plus integrates with Cisco API's including CDR, AXL, FTP (UCM), RADIUS (UCME) and Syslog. Cisco directory sync included as standard. Free trial available. Microsite address
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