Unified FX Limited
Headquarters Address
272 Bath Street
Glasgow, Scotland G2 4JR
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Primary Contact:
Stephen Welsh
Phone: +44 7766000429
Tier 2
IP Phone Endpoint Management
PhoneView is based on a simple and intuitive user interface that make managing one, many or all IP Phones easy. PhoneView includes the most extensive set of features available anywhere for IP Phone Endpoint management. With PhoneView you may 'Never Need to Send an Engineer to Site Again'.   The flexibility of PhoneView makes a number of scenarios quicker and easier:
  • Handset Deployment
  • System/Application Testing
  • Remote Support/Training
  • Inventory and Auditing
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • Corporate Branding
  • SRST Testing
  • Bulk Update of Phone Settings
  • Bulk Delete of ITL\CTL Files
  • Complex Migrations\Upgrades

MigrationFX allows you to migrate to Cisco’s latest phone technology

today — the fast and easy way!

With MigrationFX you simply dispatch the phones to the users en-masse, each user then unplugs the old phone and plugs in the new phone.

There is no need for;

  • Engineers on site
  • Individual Phone Configuration
  • Sending specific phone to specific individual
  • Collecting mac addresses
  • Uploading data files to CUCM

MigrationFX auto detects that the phone has been replaced and moves across the configuration of the old phone, including speed dials, services and button templates to the new phone. Creating fantastic savings on time and resources.

View our short overview video here !

MigrationFX Overview