CAIRS is an Operations Support System providing integrations between Unified Communications and Data Network systems for the management of critical business processes such as accounting, work orders, trouble tickets, network elements, personnel and inventory management. 

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The CAIRS Operations Support System combines (FCAPS) Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security management features along with Inventory, Work Order and Trouble Ticket and E911 management into a single enterprise software solution. CAIRS provides desktop client or website user interfaces to access the management features. The CAIRS clients offer site, role and/or profile based security features for its users. Peripheral connections to managed devices is provided through IP or Serial connections.

The CAIRS client side application built on the Microsoft.Net framework, runs on Windows based operating systems and provides the primary interface for all system features and system administration. CAIRS also includes several website interfaces: a web interface for Service Subscribers (Subscriber Portal) which allows subscribers to login and manage their work orders, trouble tickets, call records and bills; for traffic and alarms managers there is a web interface built specifically to manage network elements, network scans, traffic reports and alarms; and for Enterprise 911 managers there is a website designed for managing VoIP phone locations, ALI data and PSAP system integration. The CAIRS system can be configured to run locally or in a data center for enterprise SaaS. Interfaces to peripheral devices such as: Unified Communications Systems, Network Routers, Switches and legacy PBX system are available through IP or serial connections.

Configuration Management provides a single user interface for provisioning network devices such as phones, routers and switches and PBX and Unified Communications systems. The CAIRS user interface will translate your commands into the vendor-specific protocol which facilitates management of a wide range of devices from any vendor in a single system.

The Accounting Management features include the capturing and processing of CDR (Call Details Records) from serial or IP interfaces, bill generation, automated bill delivery, and detailed billing history; and the billing of assigned features and services at the personnel or organization level.

Fault and Performance Management utilizes SNMP and vendor proprietary protocols to track the alarms and activity of network devices. Automated notifications and escalation actions can also be configured. Performance reports includes: switch trunk traffic analysis and aggregated call record reports.

Inventory and Personnel Management offers an efficient way to organize and display your organization, departments, groups and units. Each person and their role and assigned inventory can be tracked and managed.

The Work Order and Trouble Ticket management features allows for the creation of many workflows and work centers and automatic notification and reporting of tickets and orders. The Work Orders and Trouble Tickets seamlessly integrate billing for services, endpoint provisioning and inventory management.

Cables and Facilities management allows you to track a cable from its origination to every frame, binding post, distribution cabinet,  building, floor, closet, room, and wall jack and associate each copper pair or fiber strand to a specific hardware device.

CAIRS has the ability to generate ALI data in a variety of formats including XML and NENA 2 as required by Enterprise 911 or PSAP systems, accompanied with VoIP auto-discovery so you don’t lose track of your IP phones. ALI data is provided to the E911 or PSAP system through SFTP, RTS or Serial connection.

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