*Note Version 11.1 and prior were named Verint Impact 360® Workforce Optimization. Version 11.2 and later are named Verint® Workforce Optimization.

Verint® Workforce Optimization is a suite of unified software and services that can help you deliver smarter engagement and real-time guidance across the interaction channels and areas of your enterprise that impact the customer experience, from contact centers and branch offices to the underlying back-office processes for service delivery. It can provide you with unprecedented visibility into the people, processes, and work across  multiple functional areas of your organization, helping you:

  • Capture and analyze customer interactions, journeys, and sentiments across channels.
  • Enhance the quality and security of customer interactions.  Drive deeper engagement with customers and employees.
  • Improve internal processes and compliance.
  • Boost employee productivity and performance.
  • Uncover business trends and areas of opportunity.

With Verint Workforce Optimization, you can transform raw data into Actionable Intelligence®, so you can understand what’s happening in your business and why — and make better, faster, and easier decisions.

  • Provides visibility and real-time guidance for enhancing customer service processes and workforce performance.
  • Helps organizations use omnichannel data to make better, faster, and easier decisions that can optimize customer engagement and employee productivity, drive revenue and competitive advantage, and enhance compliance and security.
  • Provides the industry’s most unified, mature workforce optimization platform, with unmatched depth of functionality, simplified system administration and maintenance, real-time enterprise collaboration, intuitive interfaces and navigation, and reduced total cost of ownership.
  • Offers further return on investment through expert consulting services.


Verint® Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: VRNT) is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence® solutions for customer engagement optimization, security intelligence, and fraud, risk and compliance.

Today, more than 10,000 organizations in over 180 countries use Verint solutions to improve enterprise performance and make the world a safer place. Learn more at www.verint.com.

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Verint Workforce Optimization offers organizations a comprehensive way to capture, evaluate, manage and analyze omnichannel customer interactions.  This enterprise solution is a broad set of unified software and services that can enable you to capture interactions and manage performance of your employees either across your enterprise, or in targeted areas of your business, including:

Verint Workforce Optimization comprises a suite of unified solutions with a single user interface and unique business process workflows available right out of the box. This can help you quickly gain access to information for faster decision making. Other advantages include simplified system administration and maintenance, real-time enterprise collaboration, intuitive interfaces and navigation, and reduced total cost of ownership. Verint Workforce Optimization includes proven solutions such as:

Verint Workforce Optimization works in tandem with Verint Customer Analytics products such as Speech, Text andEngagement Analytics, Enterprise Feedback Management andCustomer Community.

Verint Workforce Optimization can be licensed as a whole or by individual product and deployed on-premises, or accessed via the cloud, with flexible purchase methods to suit your business needs.


 Provides out-of-the-box workflow for assigning, delivering, and tracking coaching that’s driven by individual quality evaluation and key performance indicator (KPI) scores. Helps organizations mentor employees on how to develop and enhance their skills and performance.

Desktop and Process Analytics 

 Helps organizations monitor and improve employee performance by capturing and measuring their desktop application activities. Provides objective visibility into how work is performed at the employee desktop, facilitates process automation and data privacy, and delivers real-time guidance to employees.

eLearning Lesson Management

 Automates and helps simplify training by making lessons available on the desktop and delivering them at the most opportune time. Helps organizations consistently build employee skills and awareness of new regulations, processes, products, and programs.

Identity Authentication and

 Applies passive voice biometrics and predictive analytics to help contact centers identify

Fraud Detection 

 Fraudulent callers and legitimate customers in real time, without disrupting conversations. Helps enhance interaction security and the customer experience while reducing call handle times and costs.

IP, TDM, SIP, and 

Reliably and securely captures, encrypts, archives, searches and replays audio and

Screen Recording

 Screen interactions for compliance, liability protection, quality management, and analytics purposes. Security options help users achieve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance.

Performance Management 

 Provides a single, standardized framework for efficiently tracking, managing, and improving individual, team, and organizational performance. Role-appropriate scorecards and an extensive set of predefined KPIs — along with the ability to create customized KPIs — help employees see how they’re performing against their goals.   

Quality Management 

 Helps organizations move beyond random sampling of small numbers of calls by enabling efficient selection and evaluation of large numbers of interactions across multiple channels based on business relevance, employee performance, and customer input.

Enables all attributes of customer interactions to be evaluated from a single screen.

Workforce Management and

Enables organizations to efficiently plan, forecast, and schedule employees to meet

Strategic Planning

 Service level goals. Provides a unified, enterprise solution for gaining visibility into and managing work, people, and processes across customer touch points in the contact center, back office, and branch operations.

Get the Most from Your People, Processes,  and Technology

Verint Workforce Optimization is the most mature, unified portfolio of solutions available for analyzing and optimizing  workforce, customer service, and enterprise performance. Functionality includes:

Enhance Enterprise Performance  and Make Informed Decisions

Because Verint Workforce Optimization’s functionality works together, you can obtain greater insight into workforce performance, customer interactions, customer service processes, and customer loyalty than you might from different systems and applications. The result is a closed-loop system for continuous, enterprise performance improvement that can enable you to:

  • Authenticate customers and identify fraudulent callers, quickly and efficiently.
  • Capture omnichannel customer interactions in their entirety, selectively, on demand, or randomly.
  • Practice customer-driven quality by evaluating employees using a greater number of interactions that are of high business value and relevance.
  • Manage, coach, train, and enhance individual and team performance against goals using performance management plans.
  • Schedule and deploy the right number of staff with the appropriate skills at the right time to handle omnichannel interactions.
  • Gain visibility into performance and processes to identify execution issues and deliver real-time guidance to employees.
  • Make decisions that can improve service delivery, efficiency, products, processes, and profits.
  • Drive operational and service improvements by delivering targeted training and re-designing processes.
  • Refine your forecasts and performance goals based on KPIs and other valuable intelligence you’ve collected.

Benefit from Proven Solutions

Around the globe and across a range of industries, Verint Workforce Optimization helps enterprises of all sizes meet business challenges. For example:

Productivity Enhancement: A global vision services provider used insight delivered by the solution to enhance customer service and reduce call handle times while saving $3 million in the first year alone.

Customer Retention: A large financial services organization implemented the solution to help spot potential customer defections — and saved nearly 600 accounts worth about $1.7 million in revenue just in the first three months.

Cost Reduction: A provider of customer service support  for semi-custom printed materials and engraved products implemented the solution and improved its service levels  by nearly 10 percent while reducing its cost per monitored call by more than 60 percent.

Operational Efficiency: A leading U.S. lender of education financing used the solution to streamline customer service across its contact centers and back-office operations, saving $1.75 million in the first year alone.

Customer Satisfaction: A North American bank uses the solution to analyze customer calls. Leveraging this insight, the institution has not only reduced call handling times,  but also increased its net promoter score.

Fraud Reduction: A global credit card issuer used the solution to detect calls by professional fraudsters. Within months of implementation, the solution had reduced account takeovers by 50 percent and decreased fraud  losses by tens of millions of dollars.

Revenue Generation: A global hotel group in Europe uses  the solution to enhance internal processes and streamline  training. The organization realized a 5 percent increase in call inquiry-to-booking rate the first year after implementation  and €20 million in additional revenue the next year.

Marketing Analysis: A large North American communications  and media company is using Verint Workforce Optimization to  discover what drives calls into its contact center. With this insight, the company can predict customer behavior patterns and has identified opportunities to improve its strategy, products and  services, along with up to $180 million in projected savings.

Quality Assurance and Compliance: A large bank in North America uses the solution to enhance quality, training, and compliance in its contact center. The bank sends best-practices examples from its recorded interactions along with information on new products, regulations, and policies directly to the  agent desktop, helping it meet requirements for compliance  and ISO-9000 certification.

Performance Enhancement: An international multimedia company standardized over 3,000 agents across 60 contact centers  worldwide on the solution, resulting in up to a 10 percent  productivity gain across business lines, a 10 percent reduction  in training costs, and over $3 million in annual cost avoidance.

Competitive Advantage: A global provider of outsourced IT  services uses the solution to schedule, monitor, and train employees at service desks in countries around the world.  The cost savings provided by the solution can be passed on  to the provider’s clients, helping it compete more effectively  in a highly competitive industry.

Verint. Powering Actionable Intelligence®

Realize Value from an Enterprise Solution

Whether you deploy Verint Workforce Optimization in your  contact center, customer engagement center, branch offices,  back-office operations, or across your entire enterprise, you  can benefit from its innovative functionality, including:

  • Pre-built, unified business process workflows, with unique abilities to quickly drill down and get answers to the what, when, how, and why of employee behavior and performance.
  • Next-generation navigation and ease of use, with the ability to move from one function to the next and gain a centralized view across applications — all from a single entry point.
  • Total cost of ownership, with consolidated servers and new levels of scalability, virtualization, resiliency, and redundancy.
  • Simplified system administration, with a single organizational hierarchy and a flexible archiving system that supports centralized and distributed operations.
  • Depth of functionality, with powerful applications that are tightly unified, making it easy to add functionality as your  business needs change.

Benefit from World-Class Consultants

Verint Consulting Services can help you get the most from your investment. From strategy, customer research, and business  impact consulting to implementation, training, customer support, application consulting, and change management, you can be  confident that our experienced teams understand your business practices and operations — and are committed to your success.

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