Most Cisco phones support the ability to set the background image of the display. This is great for a company image campaign or corporate branding however, Cisco only provides a manual method to set the background image at the phone.

Background Deployment can deploy background images to a single phone or thousands of phones remotely with minimal effort.

Background Deployment provides the ability to allocate phones into groups allowing you to deploy different images to different groups across your environment. Phone groups can encompass individual phones, device pools, locations, partitions, calling search spaces, extension ranges or the entire cluster.

A built in image editing interface allows you to crop, zoom, flip and rotate any image to the correct dimensions for the various phone models. The editor also converts images to the correct size and format to be deployed to the phones.

Background Deployment has the ability to upload image files to your CUCM servers so that the images can be available under user options on the phones.

An advanced queuing engine allows you to deploy the image to thousands of phones in only a matter of minutes.

Several deployment method allow Background Deployment to work in all environments. By using our personalization method images can be set during production in a non-invasive manner without user intervention, even if the phone is in a call.

With no Cisco provided method for the assignment and management of background images, VoIP Integration Background Deployment is the perfect solution for the complete management of phone backgrounds.

Automatic image sizing based upon phone models.

Support for ALL cisco phones which accept background images.

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