Technology: TelePresence and AV Integration
vControl puts control of your organization’s video environment in the palm of your hand. This cloud-based solution provides intuitive control of Cisco TelePresence endpoints through simple, touch-driven interactive menus. It can help drive the adoption of video communication throughout an organization, while providing administrators with centralized management. Easy to use. Easy to manage.    To learn more about vControl, visit us online. Or download vControl free on the iTunes store.   
vControl allows for centralized web-based management of an organization’s vControl accounts, authenticating users and granting access to permission group policies. This allows an easy enterprise-wide deployment of a unified user interface with the flexibility of managing access at the user or room level.   With vControl, organizations enjoy the benefits of:
  • Unified interface. vControl is compatible with a multitude of video conferencing endpoints, allowing for organizations with a varied video conferencing system to have a unified user interface throughout the entire organization for a truly pervasive video experience.
  • Intuitive control. The vControl interface was created with the user in mind and sets a new standard for touch control for video communications and pervasive video environments. It provides a simple experience on familiar smart tablets while giving total control over video calls. Call control includes a full keyboard, directory, camera controls, volume control, and advanced presentation controls.
  • Mobile access. With vControl, there isn’t a need for a dedicated touch panel for your video endpoint. Simply take vControl with you on your tablet device and connect with endpoints from room to room throughout your day.
  • Convenience. The vControl product suite enables simplified video calling, PTZ camera control, content sharing, and one-touch recording—all from the convenience of an iPad, iPad mini, or Windows device. It’s also compatible with Cisco codecs (MXP, C-Series, EX-series), including SX10.
  • Customization. vControl can be configured with custom skins for organizational branding or to fit the specific Vyopta solution—such as the classroom (Educator) or kiosks (Remote Expert).
User Features:
  • User authentication (also determines access privileges)
  • Intuitive and configurable graphical interface for total ease of use
  • Simple call initiation including URI and audio call features (with SIP audio integration)
  • Convenient click-to-call from synchronized address books and call history
  • Simplified bridge control for conference access and local layout controls
  • Presentation of real-time call statistics
  • Simple touch camera controls and one touch camera preset selections
  • Dynamic video compositing (near and far end) for certain Cisco TelePresence endpoints
  • Ability to save and load customized compositing layouts (near and far end)
  • Simple input source selection from all active video inputs
  • Expanded accessibility to video input connectors through software switching
  Management Features:   From the client application
  • Remote call control by administrators for concierge service/support
  • Snapshots of local and other active video sources
  • Ability to control delivery of content or video by media channel
  • Remote administration of video composite layout templates (near and far end)
  From the web-based administrator tools
  • Centralized registration of all video endpoints
  • Management of client installs and user accounts
  • Create customized assignable configurations for user groups
  • Seamless enterprise-wide deployment and updates
  The vControl application is available on both Microsoft Windows and iOS platforms.
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