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The DW Series are wireless headsets with premium sound quality and superb wearing comfort.  Offering three different wearing styles the DW Office, DW Pro 1 and DW Pro 2 headsets are aimed at professionals who demand a flexible wireless solution that is intuitive to use and supremely comfortable to wear throughout a full working day. The DW Series is boasting an attractive range of innovative Sennheiser technologies to ensure productivity including Sennheiser ActiveGard® acoustic shock prevention and phone conferencing. Based on wireless DECT technology, the DW Series offers long-range connectivity.

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  • Dw-02

The iconic award winning design DW Series is aimed at professionals who request the freedom to roam from their desk or just freedom from wires and still be connected

Ideal for work in busy and even noisy contact center and office environments

Can be used for a full working day - excellent wearing comfort, sound quality and battery life

Single and double sided variants and desk phone or soft phone connectivity or both desk phone and soft phone connectivity

Call control is enabled with Cisco deskphones and softphones:

  • For Cisco 69xx / 79xx desk phones use the adapter cable CEHS-CI 01
  • For Cisco 89xx / 99xx desk phones use the adapter cable CEHS-CI 02
  • For Cisco IP Communicator is use the HeadSetup software application


  • The DW series offers the convenience of being able to roam from the desk or just to avoid a connecting wire from the headset while enjoying capacity for full workday of talk time. even in large offices or call centers  connection is ensured thanks to the long-range DECT technology.
  • Clear and natural sound experience and improve speech intelligibility  even in noisy environments with Sennheiser voice clarity and ultra-noise canceling microphone which delivers perfect speech output
  • High comfort wearing style offering perfect adjustment to your ears for full day wearing comfort
  • Strong focus on user safety with Sennheiser ActiveGard® technology – protects your hearing against potentially dangerous acoustic shock


  • Unique Premium Design – Crafted for comfort
  • Ultra noise-canceling microphone filters out unwanted background noise (frequency response 150 Hz - 6800 Hz – wideband, 300 Hz - 3500 Hz - narrowband)
  • Sennheiser Voice Clarity – Wideband sound for a more natural experience
  • Microphone mute and volume up and down – intuitive user interface
  • Maximum  sound pressure level: 103 dB limited by ActiveGard®
  • Neodynium magnet speaker (frequency response 150 Hz - 6800 Hz – wideband, 300 Hz - 3500 Hz - narrowband)
  • Earpad size: ø 50 mm / 1.96 inches
  • Pairing for desk sharing and phone conferences – intuitive and easy to set up. Up to four participants on the same base
  • Full workday talk time – 8 hours in wideband sound mode and 12 hours in narrowband sound mode
  • Standby time 100 hours
  • Intelligent Fast Charging – 0% - 50% in 20 minutes (gives you 4 hours talk time), 0% -100% in 1 hour
  • Long distance wireless range – in typical office building: up to 55 m and in line of sight: up to 180 m
  • Desk phone & softphone – switch from one communication channel to the other. One touch on the base station to select the channel you wish to call from
  • Weight ( headset only):  65 g (DW Pro1), 85 g (DW Pro2), 50 g (DW Office headband version), 22 g (DW Office earhook version)
  • TCO certified
  • 2 years international warranty
Office Facilities Asia-Pacific,European markets,Japan,Emerging markets,US & Canada
Support Model Direct through third party or partner,Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours Extended hours
TAC Hotline +45 56180000
TAC Support Alias


DW Pro 1 fact sheet: DW Pro 1 fact sheet.pdf (170 KB)
DW Office fact sheet: DW Office fact sheet.pdf (82 KB)
Fact sheet CEHS-CI 01: Fact sheet CEHS-CI 01.pdf (380 KB)
DW Pro 2 fact sheet: DW Pro 2 fact sheet.pdf (160 KB)
Sennheiser Cisco Brochure 2014: Sennheiser Cisco Brochure 2014.pdf (2.7 MB)
Fact sheet CEHS-CI 02: Fact sheet CEHS-CI 02.pdf (1.9 MB)



Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
M2 Cisco Unified Communications - Enterprise
  • Cisco IP Phone 89xx Series
  • Cisco IP Phone 99xx Series
The Cisco Compatible logo is used to signify that the PARTNER product has undergone technical interoperability testing with the Cisco product specified. The interoperability testing is conducted by a third party laboratory based on testing criteria set forth by Cisco. PARTNER is solely responsible for the support and warranty of its product. Placement of the PARTNER product or information pertaining thereto, on the Cisco Marketplace website does not constitute an offer to sell the PARTNER product in any way. For further information on the PARTNER products, please visit the PARTNER company website.

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