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TerraWave Solutions' Basic Enclosure for APs 2602e, 3602e & 3702e APs enables the safe and secure deployment of Cisco's AP 2602e, 3602e or 3702e in any environment. From NEMA-rated protection to a pre-configured backplate, this solution simplifies installation and reduces deployment costs.

  • 12x10x6 polycarbonate enclosure with solid door_open

TerraWave Solutions' Basic Enclosure for Cisco 2602e, 3602e & 3702e APs  (V12106-L-O-4) is a 12" x 10" 6" NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosure with a solid door and latch locks. The solution features a pre-configured backplate which allows you to easily install Cisco's AP 2602e, AP 3602e and AP 3702e into the enclosure. Once installed, the access point is protected from corrosion, dust, rain, mild temperature changes. Latch locks on the door of the enclosure deter unauthorized access, contact or tampering with the access point. Suitable for indoor or outdoor deployments, the Basic Enclosure for APs 2602e, 3602e and 3702e is ideal for many industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, as well as warehouses and other industrial applications. Constructed from polycarbonate plastic, this solution is durable, lightweight and extremely affordable.

The Basic Enclosure for APs 2602e, 3602e and 3702e includes a solid door, latch locks, universal backplate and 5 pre-drilled holes, 1 for a cord grip and 4 for cable assemblies with RPTNC connectors. For more information including mounting instructions and engineering drawings, visit

TerraWave's line of polycarbonate enclosures have been evaluated for compliance with the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive 2002/95 and have been determined to not contain substances in excess of RoHS Maximm Concentration Levels.

Compatible with the following Cisco Access Points:

  • Cisco AP 1232
  • Cisco AP 1242
  • Cisco AP 2602e
  • Cisco AP 3602e
  • Cisco AP 3702e

Pre-configured backplate allows for easy installation of the access point

NEMA 4X rating ensures access point is protected from corrosion, dust and rain

Constructed of polycarbonate plastic, making this an extremely affordable solution

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