The Sennheiser CC and SH Series are the ideal solutions for professionals working in a contact center or office, where you need a headset that delivers premium quality sound, and is comfortable to wear all day. The CC and SH Series offer both single- and dual-sided headsets and with a range of wearing styles and ear pads, you’ll easily find a headset that you can comfortably wear all day. You’ll work in the comfort of knowing that Sennheiser ActiveGard® will provide you with excellent user protection from acoustic shock.

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The SH and CC Series are ideal solutions for professionals working in a busy contact center or offices and even in noisy environments where premium quality sound combined with great comfort is a must

The ultra noise canceling microphone of the CC Series filters out background noise while keeping your voice clear, so you’ll be able to talk without raising your voice – and without disturbing your colleagues

Constructed in high quality ensure robust and durable headsets

Single and double sided variants and also flexible variants which enable users to switch between ear-clip and headband wearing styles

Choice between two types of connection – USB connector, directly connected to headset, or easy disconnect, to allow disconnecting the headset easily from the PC or desk phone. Both feature integrated call control unit

Narrowband and wideband headsets make the SH and CC Series adequate for both desk phones and UC clients


  • Natural listening experience in wideband sound (IP versions only) with Sennheiser voice clarity
  • Clearer speech with Ultra noise-canceling microphone (CC Series only) which filters out ambient sounds
  • Personalized microphone  placement and wearing flexibility on right or left side thanks to precision positioning with the 300° adjustable microphone boom
  • Comfortable wearing style with individual adjustment features and robust design
  • Extra comfort: Generous padding on the headband and large  ear pads
  • Strong focus on user safety with Sennheiser ActiveGard® technology – protects your hearing against potentially dangerous acoustic shock


  • Independent double-sided headband adjustment for individually preferred positions and maximum comfort and self-adjusting ball-mounted speaker capsules allow perfect fitting to the head depending on specific model
  • Headband on dual-sided headsets are adjustable on both sides and all headsets have self-adjusting ball-mounted speakers for perfect fit
  • Some of the single-sided headsets convert quickly and easily to ear-clip version to suit individual preference
  • The CC Series features Sennheiser ultra noise cancelling microphones which filter out ambient sounds for optimum clarity speech
  • Noise-canceling microphone on SH models  330, 330 IP, 335, 338 IP,  350, 350 IP, 358 IP  – filters out ambient noise for optimum speech clarity. Omni-directional microphone on other SH models.
  • Microphone frequency response depending on model 300 Hz – 3400 Hz (narrowband) and 150 hz - 6800 Hz  (wideband)
  • Total harmonic distortion < 1%
  • Maximum  sound pressure level: 103 dB limited by ActiveGard®
  • Pivotable boom – rotates 300  degrees for wearing flexibility on right or left ear and precision microphone placement
  • Standard, large and extra large foam or leatherette ear pads for relaxed wearing comfort and powerful sound, ø 42 mm, 46 mm and 51 mm
  • Cable length 1000 mm / 3.33 ft (easy disconnect version), 2900 mm / 9.5 ft (USB version)
  • Connector:  Easy disconnect or USB
  • Call control Integrated on cable
  • TCO certified - CC 510,  CC 520,   SH 300 , SH 330 and SH 350
  • Weight: 58 g (SC 230 / SC 230 USB CTRL), 86 g (SC 260 / SC 260 USB CTRL))
  • 2 years international warranty
Office Facilities US & Canada,Asia-Pacific,European markets,Japan,Emerging markets
Support Model Direct through third party or partner,Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours Extended hours
TAC Hotline +45 56180000
TAC Support Alias


Fact sheet CC 540: Fact sheet CC 540.pdf (120 KB)
Fact sheet CC 550: Fact sheet CC 550.pdf (100 KB)
Fact sheet CC 550 IP: Fact sheet CC 550 IP.pdf (350 KB)
Fact sheet SH 230: Fact sheet SH 230.pdf (120 KB)
Fact sheet SH 330: Fact sheet SH 330.pdf (120 KB)
Fact sheet SH 250: Fact sheet SH 250.pdf (120 KB)
Fact sheet SH 230 IP: Fact sheet SH 230 IP.pdf (210 KB)
Fact sheet SH 350: Fact sheet SH 350.pdf (100 KB)
Fact sheet SH 338 IP: Fact sheet SH 338 IP.pdf (290 KB)
Fact sheet SH 335: Fact sheet SH 335.pdf (120 KB)
Fact sheet SH 330 IP: Fact sheet SH 330 IP.pdf (600 KB)
Sennheiser Cisco Brochure 2014: Sennheiser Cisco Brochure 2014.pdf (2.7 MB)
Fact sheet SH 358 IP: Fact sheet SH 358 IP.pdf (310 KB)
Fact sheet SH 350 IP: Fact sheet SH 350 IP.pdf (260 KB)
Fact sheet CC 515: Fact sheet CC 515.pdf (160 KB)
Fact sheet CC 510: Fact sheet CC 510.pdf (120 KB)
Fact sheet CC 520: Fact sheet CC 520.pdf (120 KB)
Fact sheet CC 515 IP: Fact sheet CC 515 IP.pdf (530 KB)
Fact sheet CC 530: Fact sheet CC 530.pdf (120 KB)
Fact sheet CC 520 IP: Fact sheet CC 520 IP.pdf (270 KB)


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