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The Aptilo Service Portal™ (SPA) is a separate node in the Aptilo solution architecture for monitoring, statistics and reporting. It features secure and tailored access to the correct subset of information for different user groups, such as administrators and customer support through dedicated Venue Portals. Monitoring functionality provides tools for viewing the status of the complete access network down to the access point level. Intelligent probes can be set to detect deviations from normal operation such as sudden stops of payment transactions. Alarms can be sent via e-mail or SNMP traps. Aptilo SPA features automatic discovery of new Access Nodes/Gateways for easy management.

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The Aptilo Service Portal™ (SPA) complements the Aptilo Service Management Platform™ (SMP) by being the main tool for automatic processing and display of data output from the provided service. This includes storage of usage information and events as well as aggregated statistics and monitoring data. Data can be automatically archived after a selected period of time and later retrieved for easy access to historical data. Login accounts can be created for different kinds of administrators and the activities of each user are logged for traceability.

The data is accessible through Venue Portals created in the Aptilo SPA. Both the Aptilo SPA and Venue Portals are protected behind the network operations center’s (NOC) firewall. Data can be securely accessed through the Aptilo reverse proxy placed on the public side of the firewall. This makes the Venue Portals seamlessly accessible from the Internet while keeping them protected behind the NOC’s firewall.

Dedicated Venue Portals can easily be created to tailor information to multiple groups of users such as network administrators, operators, customer support personnel, managers, market analysts, roaming partners and venue owners.  Each user is served with only the correct subset of information for enhanced security and smooth operation. An intelligent tree view displays status and network statistics, efficiently combining network overview with detailed information for network nodes: Aptilo SMP, Zones, Access Gateways, Subnets and Access Points.

The Aptilo SPA boasts a set of predefined reports for both the network operating department and business-related departments. The reports encompass details and summaries of unique users, sessions and payment transactions and can be defined for different network nodes in the hierarchical tree.

In addition, the administrators benefit from being able to define their own reports through the flexible query report tool and display them on Venue Portals of choice.

The monitoring functionality in the Aptilo Service Portal provides tools for viewing the status of the complete access network, including the Aptilo system components as well as other network elements such as routers, switches and access points. The status of critical processes, such as links to external systems, can also be included.

As a complement to rich monitoring capabilities, intelligent report probes can be defined to identify operation disturbance. A probe can be set for any report and alarms activated if the number of rows in a specific report is outside of a certain range.

These probes have many applications. For instance, an alarm can be set if the number of payment transactions is under a certain level during a specified time for a specific venue.

Alarms are distributed via e-mail and SNMP if a report probe is triggered. Alarms for monitored nodes in the wireless network - down to the Access Point level – are sent from the Aptilo Service Management Platform.  Historical alarms from these nodes can then be viewed in the Venue Portal. 

- Collection and storage of usage data records from Aptilo SMP including sessions, payments and other events. -Search and display of usage data records. -Collection of statistics from access gateways via Aptilo SMP, support forbAptilo Access Controller (AC) , Cisco WLC and 3rd party gateways. - Graphical presentation of statistics. -Flexible real time report query tool. - Report archive to generate and store reports for later viewing. - Template support for report configuration. - Scheduling of automatic e-mail distribution of reports.

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