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The detection of Wi-Fi signals to understand customer or passenger behaviour within a building is important for retail, operations and security. The challenge comes in interpreting, the potentially many millions of points, to reveal information which can be acted upon to improve the performance for the many stakeholders of the building. This can be to provide both a better experience for users of the building and enhanced information for retailers, security, planners and designers associated with the building. There are many ways of analysing this data and extracting different behavioural parameters. Intellify Locational Intelligence provides the toolkit of techniques to extract this knowledge easily and to provide the report necessary for it to be acted upon.

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ThinkSmart's Intellify Locational Intelligence provides a platform for analysis of locational data provided, for instance, by Wi-Fi access points. From the basic data the algorithms allows for several parameters on passenger or customer behavior to be estimated, such as, dwell times, crowding, choice of routes, typical paths and penetration.

The software is packaged with user interface for investigating and visualising the data, along with reporting facilities.

The underlying Intellify Locational Intelligence engine provides the data mining and data analysis techniques for extracting route information of devices within the building. These techniques further extraact additional inferred information on the behavior of each device and in each area.

Dwell time analysis

Route and flow analysis

Crowding analysis

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