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ClickNDial: powerful click-to-call alternative, directory search and presence.

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ClickNDial is a PC application than enhances user productivity taking advantage of Cisco Communication Manager bundled CTI. With ClickNDial, Cisco IP Phone users can easily select a phone number in any application or search for it, in a personal contact list or in the corporate directory, and dial from his PC. ClickNDial CTI module also offers:

  • popup
  • CTI control
  • presence
  • call history

ClickNDial is easily deployed on Windows computers.

ClickNDial can be configured to enable searching in corporate directories (Active Directory, Exchange, Lotus Notes, OPEN LDAP, ...).

Users can search in corporate directories by pressing the first characters of the contact's last name or first name (up to four search fields may be set).  Contact results will display, administrator defined (last name, first name, department, etc.).Users may then select from several phone numbers assigned to the contact.  Email address can be displayled and used to create a mail via the default mail client.

With ClickNDial Cisco IP Phone user can:

  • Select a phone number in any Windows application and dial by pressing a hot key.
  • Dial from personal contact list, imported from an Excel file or text file.
  • Dial from corporate speed dials
  • Dial recently called phone numbers
  • Replicate Outlook or Lotus Notes personal directory
  • Search in Lotus Notes database
  • Dial directly from Outlook contact form
  • Dial directly from Lotus Notes user interface (via Lotus Script)
  • Search in Corporate Directory (Active Directory, Lotus Notes, LDAP&)
  • Global search in all personal and corporate directories
  • Dial from Web pages, using tel:// URL
  • Search contact selected in any application using defined directories
  • Dial from Business application, calling a small executable
  • Know a contacts presence from his Exchange calendar
  • Display a form with details and picture of the caller
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