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TerraWave Solutions' Ceiling Tile Enclosure for Cisco Access Points is an aesthetically pleasing and inconscipous enclosure solution that, when installed, provides both security for your access point and a subtle look for aesthetics of the deployment site.

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TerraWave Solutions' Ceiling Tile Enclosure (TW-CTEN-MIMO) is designed to house Cisco access points (APs) in a suspended ceiling tile. With 14"x24"x6" dimensions, the ceiling tile enclosure accommodates most Cisco access points, including the 3502e and 3602e. This enclosure contains and protects the AP in an aesthetically pleasing and stealthy solution within a suspended ceiling. For additional coverage, an external antenna can be mounted onto the enclosure. We recommend a surface mount or ceiling mount omnidirectional antenna. The enclosure is pictured above with a TerraWave dual band ceiling mount omni antenna.

This enclosure is specifically designed to support all Cisco or TerraWave 802.11n MIMO omnidirectional antennas and surface mount omnidirectional antennas. The enclosure may also be deployed with any Cisco or TerraWave 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz single band or 2.4/5 GHz dual band rubber duck antennas (quantity three for 2.4 GHz and quantity three for 5 GHz).

Suspended in a similar manner as the ceiling tile grid, this smart solution is suspended by wire to the roof structure. Required hardware is provided to hold the weight of the enclosure. For additional information including installation instructions and compatible antennas, visit

Completely conceals the Access Point for maximum protection

Inconspicuous design creates aesthetically pleasing solution

Compatible with Cisco Access Points:

  • Cisco AP 1252
  • Cisco AP 1262
  • Cisco AP 3502e
  • Cisco AP 3602e
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