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Nimble Storage Products Overview


Nimble Storage's Adaptive Flash platform is the first storage solution to eliminate the flash performance and capacity tradeoff. The Adaptive Flash platform is based on Nimble'sCASL™ architecture, and InfoSight™, the company's data sciences-based approach to the storage lifecycle.

IT Storage Life Cycle

Key Benefits


Performance and Capacity

  • Virtual Desktop Scalable Storage and Performance CapacityFlexible scaling of storage resources to satisfy the changing demands of business-critical applications
  • Five times greater performance and capacity density than legacy storage systems
  • Up to a 75% reduction in data footprint, and a 10x reduction in datacenter rack space

Seamless Scalability

  • Non-disruptive and independent scaling of performance and capacity, within a single array or a cluster

Integrated Data Protection

  • As many as 90 days of hourly snapshots on a single array
  • WAN-efficient replication of snapshot data for disaster recovery

Proactive Wellness

  • Peak storage health driven by powerful data sciences
  • Greater than five nines system uptime
  • Smartstack ucs
  • Nimble-overhead-green
  • Smartstack

Adaptive Flash: Eliminating the Flash Performance and Capacity Tradeoff


Nimble Storage's Adaptive Flash platform dynamically and intelligently deploys storage resources to meet the growing demands of business-critical applications, and is the first storage solution to eliminate the flash performance and capacity tradeoff.

Adaptive Flash combines Nimble's CASL™ architecture, and InfoSight™, the company's groundbreaking data sciences-based approach to the storage lifecycle. CASL scales performance and capacity seamlessly and independently. InfoSight leverages the power of deep data analytics to provide customers precise guidance on the optimal approach to scaling flash, CPU, and capacity around changing application needs, while ensuring peak storage health.

Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash

Key Benefits


  • Scale storage performance and capacity, independently and non-disruptively
  • Achieve enterprise-class flash storage performance and capacity in a small footprint
  • Protect your IT investment by eliminating forklift upgrades
  • Sustain peak health of your storage infrastructure with integrated protection, deep-data analytics, and efficient resiliency
  • Take a flexible, building-block approach to achieving Cloud scale

Adaptive Flash Platform Features and Benefits

The Adaptive Flash platform is a feature-rich storage solution built on Nimble Storage'sCache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) architecture, and InfoSight™, the engine that monitors all Nimble arrays to maintain them in peak working condition

Nimble’s Adaptive Flash solutions dynamically scale to support the demands of today’s enterprise applications and cloud environments, all within a compact footprint

Fully integrated data protection and InfoSight are included with every Nimble array.

Office Facilities Asia-Pacific,European markets,Japan,US & Canada
Support Model Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline +1-408-432-9600, extension 2
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SmartStack for Oracle Database w/UCS: nimblestorage-sb-smartstack-oracle.pdf (600 KB)
XenDesktop 7.6 on UCS Mini and Nimble : whitepaper-c11-733903.pdf (3.7 MB)
Horizon View 6 on UCS Mini and Nimble: whitepaper_c11-733474.pdf (5.2 MB)
JD Edwards on UCS Mini and Nimble: Whitepaper-C11-733613_v2.pdf (3.6 MB)
Nimble Storage Datasheet: Nimble_CS-Series_Datasheet.pdf (430 KB)



Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
All UCS Director
  • Cisco UCS Director 5.0
UCS Hardware
  • Blades (B-series) UCSM 2.2.1
  • Rack Mounts (C-series) UCSM 2.2.1
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