AMC Contact Canvas for Microsoft Dynamics provides the interface between AMC's Contact Canvas Server and Microsoft Dynamics, managing real-time information exchange. As a result, contact center agents using Microsoft CRM enjoy enhanced contact center functionality that allows them to manage all types of customer interactions more efficiently. Support is provided for the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

AMC solutions for Microsoft Dynamics provide integration that delivers real-time connectivity with Cisco's leading contact center solutions. Contact centers can more efficiently manage customer interactions and deliver superior levels of customer service.

Through this integration, contact centers can enable computer-telephony integration (CTI) functionality in the Microsoft Dynamics application including softphone controls, caller identification, and automatic screen population. Agents can place, receive, and transfer customer interactions with full, real-time access to Microsoft Dynamics customer data. Call routing can be enhanced using business rules and customer data residing in Microsoft to ensure that the right customer reaches the right agent at the right time.

  • Coordinated navigation of phone calls and business interactions.

  • Access to agent and work session controls and call control features through a unified interface.

  • Flexible call type support, including inbound queued, direct dialed, internal and outbound calls.

  • Targeted business application screen pops on call and caller-entered data.

  • Call and context-based transfer so each agent speaking with the customer can provide personalization.

  • Click-to-call from contact information in the business application user interface.
Office Facilities Asia-Pacific,European markets,Japan,US & Canada
Support Model Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours Extended hours
TAC Hotline 800-390-4866
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Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
6.0 None N/A

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