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AeroScout’s Patient Flow solution enables hospitals to: • Increase staff efficiency and satisfaction by reducing manual data entry and improving staff communication • Improve patient satisfaction through reduced wait times and real-time information to family members • Augment existing patient tracking boards by incorporating real-time visibility information of patients, staff and equipment • Decrease LWOT and/or ED diversions by reducing wait times and identifying bottlenecks • Increase revenue and shorten LOS by identifying suboptimal workflows and improving patient throughput based on automated real-time visibility data  Solution Highlights • At-a-glance views enable staff to quickly see patient location in and out of the room, patient waiting time exceptions, which staff members are in a room, and if the required medical devices are in place • Throughput times and key milestones are documented automatically in real-time • Patient-staff interaction, patient wait time and room utilization reports for workflow optimization and process improvement initiatives • Real-time alerts on a variety of events such as patient moving within and between departments, absence of equipment required for patient treatment or transport, and extended patient wait times • Hospital-wide visibility of patients, staff and equipment through a pervasive Wi-Fi network • Open architecture, flexible API and HL7 integration to existing systems • Additional features for automatic temperature and humidity monitoring of refrigeration devices, warming devices, surgery rooms, and more 
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In high acuity departments such as the OR and ED or in clinics such as Outpatient and Cancer Clinics, knowing the real-time location and status of clinical staff, patients, rooms and critical clinical equipment is essential to improving patient care and departmental workflow. Lack of such visibility can slow patient throughput, adversely impact care delivery and outcomes, extend wait times and results in superfluous labor costs. 

AeroScout’s Patient Flow visibility solutions include:
Real-Time OR Visibility –
Real-time location and status of patients and staff moving throughout the perioperative process, automatic update of milestones into ORIS and tracking boards, real-time location of critical equipment required for room setup, OR flow metrics, humidity monitoring of surgery rooms, temperature monitoring of OR refrigeration units.

Real-Time ED Visibility – Real-time location and status of patients and staff as they move throughout the Emergency and Ancillary departments, automatic update of locations into EDIS and tracking boards (e.g. patient arrived at treatment room, patient in Radiology), real-time visibility of critical medical devices, automatic updates of patient and staff presence in treatment areas.

Real-Time Clinic Visibility – Real-time location and status of patients and staff as they move throughout the clinic’s exam rooms, integration to scheduling systems, analysis of patient-staff interaction times for scheduling optimization, arrival and wait time alerts (e.g. reception area, treatment rooms) 

New MobileView Release Includes Patient Flow Enhancements
AeroScout’s updated version of MobileView software with a range of enhancements and features, supports its Patient Flow solution. AeroScout MobileView software has an intuitive user interface that provides:

  • Floor maps and list views of specific departments or entire facilities
  • Real-time and historical location of patients, staff and assets
  • Status of rooms based on color codes (such as available, occupied, requires house-keeping, etc.)
  • Alert indications about events (e.g., patient entering a restricted area)
  • User friendly search tool for simple or sophisticated queries 
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AeroScout T2s Tag Data Sheet: AeroScout T2s Tag Datasheet.pdf (180 KB)
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