SvSAN: Virtual Storage Solution Designed for the Enterprise Edge

The most powerful virtual storage solution for remote sites, SvSAN enables enterprises to eliminate downtime of business critical applications at the edge—where disruptions directly equate to a loss in service and revenue. SvSAN:

  • Drastically lowers cost by enabling two server HA and eliminating the need for physical SANs
  • Enables high availability and key virtual server capabilities
  • Enables management of thousands of sites from one central platform

Simply put, SvSAN offers a better (the most cost effective), virtualized way of working at the edge—one that a traditional SAN solution cannot.

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Enabling a Hybrid IT Strategy

SvSAN enables an edge infrastructure that complements a cloud or centralization strategy. Such initiatives require a minimization of the infrastructure at the edge, but certain applications must remain there due to requirements that cannot be met through the cloud or at distance. Software-defined storage from SvSAN allows the IT footprint to be as lean as possible—and administered through a central management console.

To learn how SvSAN works within distributed IT environments, see our data sheet.

One solution for all

SvSAN’s benefits are not constrained by vertical. This market-leading virtual storage solution can offer real value to any type of organization running business critical applications at the edge. Customers currently use SvSAN to eliminate application downtime come from a wide range of sectors including:

·         Retail: stock control, customer and staff management, point-of-sale

·         Government: diplomatic communication platforms

·         Defense: battlefield control systems

·         Manufacturing: process control

·         Financial Services: customer transactions

·         Restaurant and Hospitality: booking and kitchen ordering systems

·         Transportation: vehicle positioning and monitoring

·         Energy: remote power generation plant control

·         Medical: PACS

Reduce Costs

Drastically lower costs by enabling two server HA and eliminating the need for physical SANs.

  • No more SANs
  • 2 commodity servers
  • Lower TCO

Powerful Solution

Enables high availability and key virtual server capabilities:

  • High availability with only 2 servers
  • Performance and reliability
  • Linear scalability

Centralized Simple Management

Manage thousands of sites from one location.

  • Centralized deployment, monitoring, and measurement
  • Hardware & hypervisor independent
  • Industry-standard management console

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Joint Solution Brief - C Series: SvSAN Cisco C-Series Solution Brief.pdf (1.3 MB)
Digital Risk Case Study: Digital Risk Case Study.pdf (680 KB)
White Paper - StorMagic & Cisco UCS Mini: whitepaper_c11-734391.pdf (1.2 MB)



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5.2 UCS Hardware
  • Rack Mounts (C-series) UCSM 2.2.1
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  • Reviews Transferred From VMware VSX Marketplace

    Very cost effective product by rthomps 9:57am, 04/29/11 (I have deployed this appliance)

    Our company deployed this product about 6 months ago. Our storage needs are not high, but we wanted redundant hosts and redundant storage. External SANs are out of our budget limitations and storage needs. VMware EXSi 4.1 is installed on two HP DL380 servers with 2TB of storage each. There was some difficulty installing SvSAN due to the advanced NIC capabilities of the servers (which is expected to be resolved in newer versions), but StorMagic tech support was a lifesaver for the installation. They are fast, friendly, and technically better than the vmware techs I've worked with. The SvSAN appliciances have been upgraded once which was a snap to do. In the past 6 months we've had no problems at all. Performance is great. We run Exchange and SQL servers that are backed up with a vmware data recovery appliance. vMotion works very well on SvSAN. Having redundant servers and storage is wonderful peace of mind at a very reasonable price. Can't recommend this product enough.


    Fast, Reliable, and affordable iSCSI SAN by CCSBC 10:49am, 01/04/10 (I have deployed this appliance)

    Virtualization is all about shared storage and deploying vSphere 4 without a SAN doesn't really allow you to fully enjoy its features. Unfortunately, SANs are cost prohibitive for most SMBs. But with StorMagic's SvSAN solution, we were able to leverage the existing direct attached storage in one of our spare ESXi hosts. Naturally, we were concerned about the reliability, stability, and performance of using a virtual appliance. To our surprise, after months of testings, we've encountered no issues whatsoever and our own measurements indicated a disk performance very close to the disk array's native performance (throughout of about 95% of what the same array provided without SvSAN). Very encouraging. I definitely recommend it.


    Great way to make use of internal storage by msausen 10:23am, 12/29/09 (I evaluated / tested this appliance but did not deploy it)

    Part of my job is to provide my customers with technology solutions that make the most financial sense even if it doesn't fit current customer driven standards. One example is how to deploy VMware ESX to small oofices that don't have expensive SAN or NAS available for use. SvSAN allows customers to leverage the investment in their servers while still utilizing the full feature functionality of DRS, HA, vMotion, and other apps that require shared storage.


    StorMagic SvSAN fpr ESX vSphere by tconnolly 12:26pm, 12/11/09 (I have deployed this appliance)

    Our organization needed to use the advanced functions of ESX 4.0(Vmotion, HA and DRS) but didn't and detached storage solution (ISCSI or Fibre Channel) due to budget constraints. Stormagic was a very cost effective solution that has given us the ability to use the internal storage on the host (DAS- Direct Attached Storage) as a detached storage. We can move VM's between different hosts without powering off the VM's for server maintenance. Stormagic also allows us to put our ESX host in a cluster to provide (HA - High Availability) for host failure and (DRS- Distributed Resource Scheduling ) to help optimize with hardware resources. The Customer Service Support with Stormagic is very responsive and technical support is very knowledgeable.

    upport with Stormagic is very responsive and technical support is very knowledgeable.