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VOSS is a management platform specifically designed for unified communications (UC) services and applications. VOSS provides a complete tool-set to transform the way that communications architectures are designed, deployed and operated, in the public / private cloud.

VOSS empowers service providers and large enterprises to unlock the benefits of UC in three fundamental areas:

  1. Design

    A high degree of design flexibility within a structured process framework enables companies to meet their complex business objectives and achieve the lowest total cost of ownership. Flexible service configuration templates, data models, domain models, provisioning workflows, granular portal GUI controls and advanced business logic all ensure that needs are met, without sacrificing complexity or preventing a low-cost operating environment.

  2. Deploy

    Automated build and deployment processes, coupled with seamless data management (i.e. sourcing, normalization, cleansing, transformation, validation and loading), means that organizations can migrate or transform their communications platforms at far lower cost and with much reduced business risk.

  3. Operate

    Intuitive web portals and high levels of automated technical orchestration allow business users access to real-time administration and self-care. With highly flexible role-based access control, advanced hierarchy management to match any organization’s business structure, and with fully auditable transaction logs, the central management of diverse communications platforms has never been easier or more cost efficient.

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VOSS and Cisco

Cisco and VOSS collaborate in a umber of different ways, to ensure that Cisco customers receive the most innovative and flexible UC solutions.

Development Partner

VOSS has been a Cisco development partner since 2005, delivering hosted and managed IP voice solutions to customers worldwide.

The benefits derived from a Cisco / VOSS solution for the management of UC, include:

  • Business-driven communications management
  • Automated service creation, delivery, customization and management
  • Rapid and cost effective rollout of new and improved UC services
  • Ease of migration from TDM to IP
  • Management of hybrid, multi-vendor UC architectures
  • Future proofing of networks, reducing the risk of technology or vendor decisions

OEM Partner

VOSS is in an OEM relationship with Cisco, to provide UC management for Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS). The majority of tier-1 service providers around the world have chosen Cisco HCS to offer a UC cloud service to their customer base.

Within HCS, the VOSS technology is rebranded as Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager (Cisco UCDM). Cisco UCDM is the UC domain manager in HCS, allowing service providers and large enterprises to manage the UC environment, and the various disparate network elements, from a single platform.

As an OEM partner, VOSS and Cisco have a joint roadmap for Cisco UCDM, collaborating and integrating technology to provide a world class solution.


VOSS is a UC management platform that responds to the fact that communications management requirements of most organizations have changed in recent years, with the explosion of UC services and smart devices, and most recently with the advent of cloud delivery models. VOSS focuses on meeting the demands that are critical to success in the management of the rapidly evolving world of UC communications.

There are 4 key differentiators in VOSS:

  1. Modular and extensible architecture:
    A fully integrated, but modularized architecture allows customers to select UC component and interface modules, to create the UC management required to address their business requirements, while only paying for what they need. Importantly, customers can easily extend the solution to include additional modules, to meet their changing needs or leverage new product offerings. The extensible platform quickly and easily allows the addition of new components into the solution, including integrating with existing customer systems as part of the business workflows.
  2. Breadth and depth:
    100% feature parity, plus rapid support of new versions, ensures that all features and settings on the wide range of managed UC devices are available. Features and settings are consistently available via the VOSS GUI, northbound API, and bulk-loaders while also available for use in business workflows. This depth of support coupled with the breadth of the UC applications and infrastructure device management supported, offers the optimal base to build a wide range of automation and business process capabilities.
  3. Flexible solution:
    Complete flexibility is the fundamental design principal, covering business workflow and feature modeling with advanced business logic, detailed provisioning workflows, granular access controls, and portal look and feel. This ensures that VOSS adapts to, and supports, the full range of UC fulfillment needs for every user group.
  4. Flexible UC management: VOSS provides a centralized management view of an organization’s UC environment, regardless of deployment architecture, addressing the market’s desire to be able to support a mix of the latest UC technology and services; from the cloud, on-premise, or a combination of these deployment models. This eases the migration path between different architectures, allowing an organization to transition from one to the other as needed. The new modular architecture from VOSS also enables an organization to define how much of the UC lifecycle is managed; e.g. a day-1-only solution, a day-2-only model, a self-care only model, or an end-to-end UC management model can be provided.

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Case Study - NWN: Case-Study-NWN.pdf (310 KB)
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