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AeroScout offers the industry’s most advanced visibility solution for manufacturers of commercial and military aviation, jet engines, and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) service providers. Real-time visibility of assets throughout the extended enterprise is critical to run efficient production processes and maintain lean manufacturing, especially in the very large scale facilities and distributed sites of this industry. AeroScout's solution uses standard Wi-Fi wireless networks to accurately locate parts, toolkits and other valuable assets and to provide meaningful business events (such as asset shortage or operational status). The solution is tightly integrated to enterprise applications such as ERP, MES and inventory management systems through standard API’s to ensure records are up-to-date. Customers can significantly reduce turn-around times, eliminate manufacturing disruptions, improve operations efficiency and increase overall throughput and profitability. 
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"In the factory, the ability to locate major parts and tooling on a timely basis is critical… It will streamline our production environment and make it more efficient time-wise and dollar-wise by not having to replicate tooling and pieces of gear."

Quotation from Boeing

WIP Visibility
Manual searches for Parts, WIP racks and shop orders cause long cycle times and ineffective labour utilization while lost racks and material result in reproduction and scrap. Real-time visibility of those items is critical in order to expedite production and reduce scrap. AeroScout’s solution displays real-time location and status of parts and material on PCs, laptops and handheld devices and updates online existing manufacturing execution/scheduling systems. Automated alerts and reports notify floor managers of production and customer orders status.

Equipment Visibility
AeroScout provides real time and historical location of toolkits, test equipment and other valuable assets. Users can easily search for tools and view their current location on a map. Automated reports provide accurate inventory counts of government and customer tools for audits. Tracking equipment which is shared among programs, moving throughout the facility and in between hangars, drives production efficiency and reduces turn-around time.

Inter-Site Visibility
Parts, components, toolkits, equipment and materials are constantly moving in between facilities, suppliers and warehouses, thus creating an even bigger challenge. With AeroScout, managers can track shipped items and receive notifications upon items arrival or departure, improving traceability and ensuring items arrive at the correct destination. Visibility boards enable workers on the shop floor to observe real-time location and status of toolkits and equipment.

Condition Monitoring
Material (e.g. composite), parts, connecting pins and other products are kept in refrigerated storage rooms and freezers require continuous condition monitoring as well as aircraft components that are stored in open areas and hangars. AeroScout’s tags with temperature and humidity sensors (or integrated to other sensors) provide automated 24x7 constant reads of the asset’s condition, eliminate the need for manual logging and ensure consistent records. 

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