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Rethink how you interact with your customers. Upstream Works for Finesse empowers organizations to respond to the evolving demands of contact centers and enhance the customer experience. As routine interactions move to self-service, your agents are increasingly handling more complex needs. Customers call about the email they sent last week about the web transaction completed two weeks ago. Upstream Works for Finesse tears down the barriers to solve these problems with robust, flexible tools and agile, omnichannel insight. All to help your business maximize customer satisfaction while minimizing costs.

Reimagine the customer experience with Upstream Works for Finesse

One framework to manage all customer interactions. One way to enhance every customer experience: Upstream Works for Finesse. By using the flexible Cisco Finesse contact center, Upstream Works provides a single omnichannel interaction framework to eliminate desktop confusion and help your organization create customer-focused workflow applications, deliver agile business insight and exceed expectations.

With Upstream Works for Finesse, customers can contact you how they want: phone, email, chat, SMS, manual and third-party interactions, including social media. Every interaction is captured in real time, allowing your agents to deliver premium customer care while taking care of your bottom line. This powerful software suite is:

Unified – Streamlined interaction handling delivers immediate access to essential agent tools.

Customer-focused – Agents have the tools to take care of customer needs accurately and quickly.

Agile – Solutions support the constant evolution of contact centers while keeping priorities on agents and customers.

Explore how the customer experience is changing.

Download 6 Elements of an Omnichannel Management Strategy Whitepaper

A truly unified customer experience starts here. Upstream Works for Finesse Gadgets are bundled to simplify your workflows and intelligently assist agents during customer interactions. All Finesse gadgets access collected information through a rich set of APIs, delivering a single set of consistent functionality. Contact centers of any size can now deploy and support a streamlined, efficient solution for every channel – and every customer experience. Here’s how:

Omnichannel interactions

Eliminate desktop silos with blended task queues for third-party applications, one agent interface and one view of the customer journey.

Interaction context details and history

Increase CRM value and collect information for actionable business intelligence and historical context – then go beyond by viewing related cross-channel interactions.

Tracking and reporting

Enable supervisors to track agent performance across channels, receive actionable insights for improvements and provide coaching based on advanced intelligence.

Email and chat

Take advantage of fully blended email, chat and SMS routing plus response capabilities.



Office Facilities US & Canada
Support Model Direct through third party or partner,Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline 905 660 0969
TAC Support Alias


Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
2.0 Desktop, Reporting, and Recording
  • Finesse 9.1
The Cisco Compatible logo is used to signify that the PARTNER product has undergone technical interoperability testing with the Cisco product specified. The interoperability testing is conducted by a third party laboratory based on testing criteria set forth by Cisco. PARTNER is solely responsible for the support and warranty of its product. Placement of the PARTNER product or information pertaining thereto, on the Cisco Marketplace website does not constitute an offer to sell the PARTNER product in any way. For further information on the PARTNER products, please visit the PARTNER company website.
  • Upstream Works for Finesse


    Had a great partenship on a recent project with UWF. The Professional Services Team is motivated, and are truly subject matter experts on the product. The project management was proactive and flexible. The product is excellant and they listen to end user input. Thier focus was always to enhance the customer experience. Working with UWF is truly a team effort and I look forward to working with Upstream Works again.

  • UpStream Works for Finesse

    Upstream Works for Finesse (UWF) is a great partner to work with and they provide our customers with a complete interaction solution that fulfills their needs. UWF is the perfect agent and supervisor desktop gadget that is easy to use and comes with performance reports. Upstream is great to work with prior, during and after the sale. We're currently working in a joint implementation and they show us, that they about the customer's perception of the overall solution and success. I would recommend Upstream Works for omni-channel solutions to your next customer.

  • Great support and partnership


    Upstream Works for Finesse provides our contact center clients with a comprehensive Interaction Management solution that completes the vision of good customer service. UWF is the perfect agent and supervisory agent desktop that's easy to use, across all interaction channels, and comes with performance reports, including FCR, a unique differentiator for that truly sets the bar.

    In addition, Upstream is great to work with prior, during and after the sale. We're currently involved in a joint implementation and their teams are top notch and care deeply about the customer's perception of the overall solution. I strongly recommend Upstream Works for omni-channel solutions. 

  • Great product, Great Customer Service


    Upstream Works' UWF omnichannel agent desktop provides Finesse with real business value.  The company has kept lock step strategic alignment with Cisco ensuring that UCCE/PCCE contact center customers have access to a fully integrated solution.

    The customer service provided by Upstream Works has been second to none...  They have gone above and beyond to exceed the customers expectations.

  • Comprehensive Multi-media desktop solution for Contact Center!


    We've finally found the Vendor who can provide us a comprehensive Multi-media agent desktop solution. We deployed a demo Upstream works solution in our environment and all features were delivered and worked as promised. Voice, email and webchat features work seamlessly. We hope to move forward with production deployment in the near future!

    In addition, the customer service provided by Upstream Works has been excellent and very professional.

  • You do not get what they promise


    Do not use this company. As an employee of a company who used them for integrating a new phone system and Cisco Finesse, they could not have dropped the ball more than they have. We tested for weeks using a CUSTOM BUILT SWITCH FOR THE TESTING ENVIRONMENT. Once the systemn went live and nothing worked as it was promised, we were told, "Oh we didn't have access to the CISCO PHONE SWITCH that you use." Now we are being told that none of the features we were promised are even possible. Avoid this company at all costs.