LiveAction is a network and application performance management software company with powerful visualization, analytics and control.  LiveAction’s software includes an innovative and interactive visual display with real-time big data analytics and deep control of network hardware to reduce complexity and pain points.  It displays information graphically for rapid identification of problem areas.  The solution combines monitoring and management abilities to change policies quickly and immediately see their effect.  LiveAction is simplifying the network enabling easy troubleshooting with QoS control and WAN functionality developed through engineering partnerships with Cisco Systems.

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LiveAction Top Value Propositions

  • Improve network availability, reliability, capacity and performance
  • Enable customer self-sufficiency and network / application awareness
  • Achieve faster Cisco solution adoption and deployments
  • Enhance Cisco NetFlow, FnF, IPFIX, QoS, AVC, TrustSec SGT, NBAR, PfR, IPSLA, Firewall HSL/NSEL
  • Deployed with Cisco Intelligent WAN, Cisco ISE, 4000 Series ISR, ASR 1000 Series, ISR G2, and Catalyst switches
  • End-to-end flow visualization for a holistic view of the network
  • Quick diagnosis of performance issues through visual displays
  • Easily deploy, configure, monitor, and analyze Cisco advanced technologies
  • Unique QoS graphical control to troubleshoot and solve issues. Instant validation of policy changes

LiveAction Key Stakeholders

  • CIO, Infrastructure/solution Architect, IT Director
  • Network, Telecom, Application, Server, and Security teams

LiveAction Challenges Solved

  • Poor voice and video over IP performance
  • Issues with application performance and  unknown business / recreation application traffic
  • Isolate WAN, LAN and server application issues
  • Reduce and eliminate service interruptions due to human configuration errors

LiveAction Benefits to the Organization and IT Department

  • Higher employee productivity; better end-user device performance
  • Higher quality voice and video; faster applications
  • Save time and money - up to 20x faster and 30% cost savings
  • Fast QoS deployment and monitoring - up to 5x faster
  • Increase productivity - up to 100% improvement
  • Ease of operations - highly intuitive dashboards, and reports

LiveAction SKUs

  1. LiveAction Enterprise --Multi-user, Multi-node, Flow, QoS Monitor, QoS Configure, Routing, LAN and IP SLA, Unlimited history
  2. LiveAction WAN -- Multi-user, Multi-node, Flow, QoS Monitor, QoS Configure, and Routing, 14 days history
  3. LiveAction Professional -- Single-user, Single-server, Maximum of 200 managed devices, Flow, QoS Monitor, QoS Configure, Routing, LAN, and IP SLA, 5 days history

LiveAction is a unique application-aware network performance management tool available with intuitive real-time visualization, accurate point-and-click configuration of Cisco technologies such as QoS, NetFlow, IP SLA, Medianet, AVC, ISE, TrustSec SGT, ACLs, PfR, Routing and PBR, switching and spanning tree. Through the use of visual icons and in-depth topology graphics, in addition to text, tables, and graphs, LiveAction offers an accurate rendering of complex networks to provide a quick understanding of problems and available solutions. From this deep understanding, users can take advantage of LiveAction full QoS control features and its highly intelligent graphical interface to optimize network and application performance by adjusting QoS and other performance indicators accurately and confidently. Through a highly expandable and distributed 3-tier architecture of clients, server and node collectors, LiveAction can support large-scale enterprise networks containing tens of thousands of devices and provides a single-pane-of-glass view across the entire enterprise.

LiveAction Flow starts with a network topology view that provides a unique end-to-end flow visualization of live traffic across the network. For large-scale networks, devices can be grouped by location, type, or other attributes for simple management. In addition, users can quickly drill down to individual devices or interfaces for more detail on flow characteristics such as IP addresses, user IDs (from ISE), DSCP values, SGT groups, byte rates and count. This makes it easy to visualize trouble spots on the network and gain a better understanding of real-time and historical traffic patterns.

LiveAction QoS Monitoring provides the ability to track QoS performance on a per-class basis in real-time or for historical time periods. Engineers can gain a deep understanding of traffic and QoS behavior using LiveAction’s application (NBAR), class or queuing views. Monitoring and alerting of priority queue drops provides proactive notification of potential voice quality issues.

LiveAction QoS Configure enables IT engineers to create, edit, and apply QoS policies for Cisco routers and Layer 3 switches on live networks with consistency and confidence. Use the QoS wizard and built-in templates to apply policies based on Cisco best practices or use the QoS GUI editor to create and edit your own policies from scratch.

LiveAction IP SLA makes Cisco IOS IP SLA operations easily accessible for generating and monitoring synthetic network traffic to baseline network performance, test policy changes, or proactively monitor key network paths. Synthetic traffic types include data (HTTP, FTP, DNS, DHCP) and voice that can be used to measure latency, loss, jitter, and mean opinion core (MOS) for VoIP. With IP SLA VO support, LiveAction enables easy pre-deployment capacity planning for video applications. Its highly interactive graphical interface delivers the functionality and flexibility of IP SLA features without the need to learn and use Cisco device command lines.

LiveAction Routing provides real-time routing visualizations for Cisco networks that can identify reachability problems, routing loops and asymmetric paths affecting traffic quality. In addition, the module’s policy-based routing viewer/editor provides a high degree of control over traffic policy allowing users to route traffic easily and predictably over user-specified paths.

LiveAction LAN provides real-time Layer 2 visualizations for networks, including trunk interfaces, port channels, VLAN associations and bandwidth percentages.


Office Facilities European markets,US & Canada
Support Model Direct through third party or partner,Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours 24x7 Standard business hours, with after hours pager support
TAC Hotline 888-881-1116
TAC Support Alias


Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
4.x Visibility and Control
  • AVC Monitoring
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