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Intrado VIPER Automatic Call Distribution provides flexible call distribution to agent positions via multiple ACD algorithms. Multiple Queues allow for multi-site deployments that are tuned to the needs of individual PSAPs.

Intrado VIPER addresses customer demands for a scalable solution that allows them to easily and efficiently move onto a secure physical IP network by integrating data, voice, and future IP-driven applications while at the same time benefiting from the services of a built-in dual soft switch.

Intrado VIPER supports a wide range of single and multi-site designs, providing robust fault tolerance and disaster recovery.

Intrado  VIPER (Voice over IP for Emergency Response) is an Enhanced 9-1-1

ANI/ALI controller that provides VoIP as a telephony layer within the PSAP.

Intrado VIPER uses the non-proprietary Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for the

delivery of voice services, reflecting Positron’s commitment to providing

cost-effective and flexible solutions for its customers.

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  • Introduced in 2005, VIPER is engineered by Intrado exclusively for Public Safety Communications.  More than 1000 VIPER systems are working in the United States today.
  • Intrado VIPER is a fully redundant IP system providing for high availabity. Intrado design provides for 9-1-1 such features as representation of 9-1-1 calls if the system should need to fail over to a redundant component insuring a 9-1-1 call is not lost.
  • Intrado VIPER is highly configurable and easily scalable to meet the changing needs of our customers.
  • Developed with the Next Generation in mind, Positron VIPER was designed with the ability to rapidly accommodate the changing 9-1-1 technology environment.
  • Intrado VIPER feature sets include:
  • ACD with multiple distribution algorithms and multiple routing options including dispatcher skill sets.
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