TLK Celesta Uno and USB adaptors are designed for contact centre and enterprise communication needs.

User has choice of Monaural and Binaural Headset in Celesta Uno.

These light weight headsets are ergonomically designed for long term use and improve efficiency.

All our Headsets and Adaptors are designed for "Maintainability" - We support replacement parts during and after the warranty period.

With TLK SmartKonnect  and SmartReceive Technologies, the headsets can provide good RoI and value for money they invest.

Choice of USB adaptor solution between TLK SP 30 and Digital USB are also available for customers depending on their needs.

Celesta  Uno - This is the premium range call centre binaural headset.  Ergonomically designed for long term, comfortable use and come with SmartKonnect  and SmartReceive technologies.  This headset can be used with both desk top hard phones and soft phones with appropriate interfaces.


TLK USB adaptor - TLK USB adaptors are designed for "Plug and Play" applications and does not require any additional driver with specified soft phones.  Customers have option to choose between a TLK SP 30 USB version and a Digital USB version depending on the needs. 


Single Cable Binaural

Innovative Design

Unique Mic boom design for crystal clear conversations

Noise Cancellation

Designed for Maintainability

Unique TLK SmartReceive for user hearing protection

TLK SmartKonnect for use with other brand interfaces also

Replacement part support during and after warranty period



Plug and Play devise without any additional driver with most popular soft phones

USB 2.0 compliant

Come with TLK SmartKonnect adaptor to use with TLK and other brand headsets also

Mute and In use visual indicators

Unique supervisory port option and rotary receiver volume control options with TLK SP 30 USB adaptor

Digital volume control available in Digital USB adaptors 

Office Facilities Asia-Pacific
Support Model Direct to customer
Support Coverage Hours Standard business hours
TAC Hotline + 91 44 24 96 32 00
TAC Support Alias N/A



Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
Current Cisco Unified Communications - Enterprise
  • Cisco IP Phone 89xx Series
  • Cisco IP Phone 99xx Series
Other UC Applications (Voice Mail - Presence)
  • Cisco IP Communicator (CIPC) 8.6
The Cisco Compatible logo is used to signify that the PARTNER product has undergone technical interoperability testing with the Cisco product specified. The interoperability testing is conducted by a third party laboratory based on testing criteria set forth by Cisco. PARTNER is solely responsible for the support and warranty of its product. Placement of the PARTNER product or information pertaining thereto, on the Cisco Marketplace website does not constitute an offer to sell the PARTNER product in any way. For further information on the PARTNER products, please visit the PARTNER company website.

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