Prognosis VoIP Monitor is a comprehensive multi-vendor voice quality monitoring solution for Cisco, Avaya and Microsoft Lync IP telephony. It manages voice quality in real time and helps you identify the root causes of problems.

It doesn’t use probes, so there’s no risk to your network’s security and stability and you can monitor voice quality, receive alerts in real time and take action straight away.

With deep drill down insight into call volumes and voice quality, PBX status, trunk and gateway usage you have rapid insight into the root causes of voice quality problems – right out of the box

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Prognosis VoIP Monitor is based on the acclaimed Prognosis IP Telephony Manager cross-platform system management product and is designed as a monitoring tool that will provide a wide range of data metrics for your IP Telephony ecosystem.

Prognosis VoIP Monitor provides voice quality management for multi-vendor IP telephony environments of up to 5,000 users. Deep drill-down displays provide the real time information you need to investigate, troubleshoot and resolve issues before they impact your business or customers.

 - Unified multi-vendor voice quality management in real time

 - Simple deployment of a single product

 - No probes needed

 - Single licensing model

 - Reduced MTTR

 - Forensic analysis for troubleshooting

 - Optimized capacity planning 

For staff who need to manage on the move, a free iOS App – Prognosis First Responder, enables alerts to be viewed, prioritized and actioned via an iPhone/iPad.


 PBX Overview

Prognosis provides detailed and summary information of PBX availability and performance, including active and attempted inbound and outbound calls, together with diagnostic information for troubleshooting and capacity planning.

Device Details

Prognosis provides detailed screens of status, performance and configuration information for many PBX attached devices. These displays update in real time, enabling rapid troubleshooting and visual confirmation of any system changes. Deep drill down links provide granular information like channel status, memory usage, CPU load, processes, all of which are available by simply clicking the hyperlinks

PBX and Voice Quality Reports

Prognosis processes and calculates voice quality in real-time and organizes it into reports so you can see instantly the details and trends for key telephony KPIs like voice quality, call completions, trunk status and processor occupancy. Reports are automatically generated daily and weekly to provide at-a-glance information. They are custom built per vendor and offer a preview feature as well as the ability to select the reporting period.

Empower Staff

As Prognosis has been monitoring IP telephony for over 12 years, the most common problems are already identified. When any components breach specified operating conditions, alerts are generated on-screen, by email and via SNMP traps. There is no need to configure the conditions that trigger them; they’re all provided out-of-the-box. This empowers you to prioritize and assign tasks, streamline investigation and reduce mean time to repair.

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Prognosis VoIP Monitor Overview: Prognosis VoIP Monitor Overview.pdf (2 MB)



Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
4 Cisco Unified Communications - Enterprise
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.0
Mid Market - Business Edition 6000
  • BE6000 9.0
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