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Is the contact center reporting that you are currently relying on, not completely suiting your needs? Are the built-in reports not providing

all the information that you are looking for? Do you still need to devote additional hours to modifying its outputs in MS Excel because additional

calculations are needed or because the data are not structured and in a form that you need? If so, then reach out to our reporting specialists

that will analyze your needs and then propose a set of custom reports that will turn raw data into information in its final form and structure. Read blogs related to 2Ring REPORTING 

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Every our project always starts with a very detailed analysis to make sure that our reporting specialists understand your requirements in detail and that we all use the same terminology. Based on the collected information, we will propose a set of custom reports that will turn raw data into information in its final form and structure. The next step is the selection of the platform to create the reports. If possible (and if the platform is able to handle your requirements without increasing licensing costs), we recommend sticking to the platform that you are working with and that already includes the other built-in reports that you use.

Platform of Your Choice

Our reporting specialists are ready to build custom reports on the platform of your choice. This might include the state of the art Cisco Unified Intelligence Suite, but also the older Cisco WebView. If you are already comfortable working with MS SQL, our specialists are ready to fully leverage all of the benefits of this highly progressive Microsoft platform as well. The choice is yours, but we are always ready to help you decide which platform will best suit your particular situation.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

To make sure that our reporting specialists understand your requirements in detail and that we all use the same terminology, the project always starts with a very detailed analysis. It is the most important part of the project, and thus we apply a very personal approach to understanding where you are coming from and where you are heading. This means that we adjust to your calendar, communicate with you in the way that you prefer (Cisco WebEx conference, Cisco TelePresence meetings, face2face meetings, e-mail, or a combination), and most importantly, devote the time necessary to understand the specifics of your industry or company.

Your Data, Your Calculations

You understand your business goals and the mission of your contact center. On the other hand, we understand the structure of the databases that are behind Cisco Unified Contact Centers (Express as well as Enterprise) and are ready to build custom reports about the contact center’s performance in a structure that will best suit your requirements. This can even include custom calculations that will not follow the “standard” Cisco approach towards some of the KPIs. For example, do you need the service level not to include calls that came after business hours, and at the same time, do you have different business hours for every skill group? The custom reports built by our specialists can handle such scenarios, and much more.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Is your contact center brand-new and you don’t know where to start or what to look for? We are ready to suggest a package of real-time as well as historical reports that are based on the goals you need to achieve. At the same time, our specialist and consultants will be available to help you with the necessary consultations.

Go Company Wide

Would you like to know the value of your agents? Start tracking agents’ conversations to actual sales. The nature of modern reporting tools allows our specialists to combine data from many sources and present them in a unified form within one report. Utilize our experience combining data from different contact center channels, IP telephony, ERP &, and even service desk systems.

Part of Corporate Design

All of the custom built reports will correspond to your latest corporate design rules and also include the corporate logo if appropriate.


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