Conferences anytime, anywhere

The Jabra Speak 510 series lets you take audio conferencing to a whole new level as you turn any room into a conference room. You can join the conversation anytime and anywhere with a slim, compact design, outstanding sound quality and a plug-and-play solution for all your devices – connect and dial-in, that’s it.

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Plug-and-play conferencing

Plug your USB cable, and simply connect Jabra Speak to your PC. That’s it. You are ready to dial in. 

Unlimited mobility

Choose Jabra Speak 510 enhanced with Bluetooth to connect to any mobile device and get the freedom to communicate on your terms.

Outstanding sound quality

To get crystal-clear and natural sounding calls that allow attendees to hear and speak clearly across any location.

Optimal user experience

Benefit from full compatibility – including call control, with the leading UC /Softphone solutions.

Slim and compact design

Get the perfect solution for audio conferencing on demand with a compact and lightweight design, an integrated USB cable management for quick set-up and a protective travel case.

HD Voice – Wideband Audio - High quality audio for crystal clear conversations

Enjoy high-definition sound with HD Voice and get crystal clear, intelligible communication. You get life-like, vibrant conversations where you can focus on the content and don’t have to struggle to understand what the person on the other end of the line is saying.

Omni-Directional Microphone - Picks up sound from virtually any direction

Jabra products with omni-directional microphones pick up sound equally well from all directions. Ideal for conference calls to get life-like natural sounding conversations in environments with low or no background noise, with 360 degree coverage.

Crystal Clear Sound - Digital Signal Processing for clearer sound

Clear sound is essential for a good conversation not to mention call efficiency and accuracy. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in Jabra audio devices will remove background noise and echo as well as protect the user against sudden high peaks in volume. Call handling time and potential misunderstandings are significantly reduced.

HiFi Sound - Enjoy flawless sound quality

Immerse yourself in music with HiFi Sound. Listen to flawless music reproduction across the entire audible frequency range.

Remote Call Control - Seamless integration between your phone and headset

Answer and end calls on the Jabra audio device with seamless integration between your phone and headset. The remote call control gives you the power to multitask and be productive. With a Jabra wireless audio device you can control your call even when you are away from your desk.

UC Plug-And-Play - Plug-and-play with all leading UC platforms

Jabra devices feature intuitive call control and seamless connection to all leading UC applications and softphones. They are easy to set up and easy to use, leaving you free from any installation expertise or extensive training requirement.

Multi-device Connectivity - Manage all your calls from one single headset

Multi-device connectivity technology lets you manage phone calls from several different devices such as desk phones, tablets, PCs and smartphones, with one single headset. You get greater flexibility and enhanced user experience.

Smartphone & Tablet Ready - Ready for use with the latest smartphones/tablets

Your Jabra device is designed with future-ready technology to be fully compatible with the latest smartphones and tablets on the market.

Jabra Software Applications -Easy device configuration and softphone integration

Customize and control your audio device settings with Jabra’s software applications. You get full integration and remote call control with the latest generation of softphones.

Remote Asset Management -Remote mass deployment and device management

Configure and implement the company’s audio devices 100% remotely from one central point.

Office Facilities Asia-Pacific,European markets,Japan,Emerging markets,US & Canada
Support Model Direct through third party or partner
Support Coverage Hours Extended hours
TAC Hotline +1 800 826 4656
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Version Verified Compatible Cisco Product Date Tested
2.39 Cisco Unified Communications - Enterprise
  • Cisco IP Phone 89xx Series
  • Cisco IP Phone 99xx Series
  • Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G
Other UC Applications (Voice Mail - Presence)
  • Cisco IP Communicator (CIPC) 8.6
  • Cisco Unified Personal Communicator - Windows 8.5
  • Cisco Webex Meeting Center
The Cisco Compatible logo is used to signify that the PARTNER product has undergone technical interoperability testing with the Cisco product specified. The interoperability testing is conducted by a third party laboratory based on testing criteria set forth by Cisco. PARTNER is solely responsible for the support and warranty of its product. Placement of the PARTNER product or information pertaining thereto, on the Cisco Marketplace website does not constitute an offer to sell the PARTNER product in any way. For further information on the PARTNER products, please visit the PARTNER company website.
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