NexentaVSA for View introduces a number of new features, which further improve both the economics and performance of your VDI projects and further simplify implementation and management. Along with delivering an astonishing 45-100+ IOPS to each desktop, NV4V can dramatically reduce overall costs, which historically can run to more than 40% of VDI budget just for storage.


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The Cisco UCS and Nexenta VSA for View solution passed the “Rapid Desktop Appliance” certification from VMware. NexentaVSA for View is a completely software-based virtual storage appliance that has been purpose built to support VMware View VDI deployments. When deployed on Cisco UCS, it provides unprecedented performance at a superior density for VDI deployments. Desktop virtualization solutions are gaining great traction in small business and mid-market segments. But many mid-market IT organizations are extremely lean and, as a result, they struggle with deployment complexity, systems integration, and SAN management when trying to roll out VDI. To help simplify and address some of these common challenges, Cisco, VMware, and Nexenta have teamed up to develop a set of integrated solutions (Cisco UCS and Nexenta VSA for VMware View®) that also are fully validated under the VMware Rapid Desktop Program. With Cisco UCS hardware, customers now can deploy a complete VDI environment, including floating and dedicated desktops, in a highly available scenario with great simplicity, ease, and superior performance. In this all-inclusive solution, customers have everything they need in terms of compute, networking, and storage to deploy a VDI infrastructure. No additional investment in an external storage appliance is required. Just install NexentaVSA for View in the Cisco UCS configuration and you are ready to go. For more information, visit -

An end to vendor lock-in

Enterprises increasingly demand open systems and open business models from their vendors; with NexentaStor vendor lock-in is no longer the price of enterprise class storage functionality.

NexentaStor is built from the ground up on the revolutionary file system ZFS which means that virtualization is at the core of the product. NexentaStor is unified storage (file and block) with the ability to expand the underlying physical storage on demand without limitation. Also, NexentaStor identifies and corrects data corruption thanks to the use of end to end check sums. The combination of these capabilities means you can add commodity disk capacity to NexentaStor confident that the result will be enterprise class storage.

* Open, standards-based NexentaStor software appliance eliminates hardware vendor lock-in & reduces capital expenditures by 70-80%. Your data is your data!

* Synchronous & asynchronous open replication free from the constraints of legacy hardware solutions means user data is secure, vendor lock in is eliminated, and administrator time is saved.

Your data is your data: Because we use open standards and open approaches we do not 'lock you in' to a particular vendor. You can access data stored by NexentaStor via any correctly configured ZFS file system.

Almost any hardware will work: You no longer have to pay a hardware tax to your legacy vendor. Simply turn to your trusted solution provider, or find one on our site, or install the solution yourself on the server and storage server hardware you feel most comfortable with. Or, run NexentaStor as a virtual machine within your virtualized environment -- the choice is yours.

Almost any disk technology will work: Local SCSI, SAS, SATA and similar can be directly employed, but NexentaStor also supports the flexibility of iSCSI, Fibre Channel, and newer interconnected storage such as ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE).

Almost any protocol will work: CIFS, NFS, rsync and others and we're constantly working with various updates to capture recent improvements and to enable superior interoperability.

Almost any virtualization will work: We support almost all hypervisor solutions today and are working closely with a variety of them to improve support over time. Please contact us if you would like to learn more. Our optional virtualization storage management module is inevitably more limited in hypervisor support than NexentaStor itself, which can be easily configured as NFS or iSCSI storage for your virtualized servers.

Our API is your API: Our application clients are not simply PHP code grafted on top of underlying storage protocols. Instead, we've built an n-tier software application that includes a well defined API that is actually used by our management clients. You can create and record actions via our management console or you can use our Linux user environment and our documented RPC calls to integrate storage into your enterprise environment. Also our software can be managed from industry standard management consoles such such as Nagios, IBM Tivoli and HP OpenView and you can configure NexentaStor to email you when relevant performance thresholds are reached.

Open source support: As discussed in our community section, NexentaStor is built upon the open source NexentaCore Platform which itself is built upon the solid foundations of an OpenSolaris kernel and a GNU/Linux user-land. Nexenta is also a supporter of the StormOS and contributes software to various open source communities.


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NexentaStor on Cisco UCS C-Series Paper: Cisco and Nexenta_WP.pdf (600 KB)
Cisco UCS + NexentaVSA for View: Cisco UCS and Nexenta.pdf (460 KB)
NexentaVSA for View + USC E-Series: Nexenta VSA on Cisco UCS E-Series.pdf (1.5 MB)
NexentaVSA for View + Cisco UCS - VMware: NexentaVSA for View Cisco UCS Certified for VMware.pdf (370 KB)


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